Year: 2014

Successful Quality Audits at E-Towers Famaba

“Quality means doing it right when no one is looking.” – Henry Ford E-Towers Famaba is proud to announce the ISO-9001, the ISO-14001 and PN-N 18001 certification audit was successfully passed, validating our quality management system for another year! E-Towers quality manager Jaroslaw Ewert The auditors stated that E-Towers Famaba has an excellent Quality Management System (QMS) and indicated how impressed they were with Famaba’s efforts in the field of quality, resource efficiency and safety. Congratulations to quality manager Jaroslaw Ewert and his quality department and...

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Floating E-Cranes – Expand Bulk Handling Capacity on the Water

Many ship loading or unloading ports are faced with problems such as congestion, no land for expansion, and costly outdated infrastructure.  Ports confronted with these problems must search for new and creative solutions to handle them.  An ideal solution is to move bulk handling operations to the water, with barge mounted E-Cranes.   Balanced Design Ideal for Barge Mounting An E-Crane distinguishes itself by being a fully balanced heavy duty crane.  The E-Crane design is based on an ingenious parallelogram style boom that provides a direct mechanical connection...

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E-Crane: Ideal Solution for Barge Handling

  With rising energy costs and an increasing focus on energy efficiency, transportation by barge is becoming a popular solution to move bulk materials.  This method of transportation is one of the most cost effective ways to move bulk materials from production point to the market. E-Crane is ideal for barge unloading and can unload barges up to 2000 tons per hour.  E-Cranes are often unloading barges in “mission critical” applications where the E-Crane is the only means for unloading.  Along with the material handling equipment, E-Crane also offers a turnkey...

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E-Crane opens new training facility at Adegem

Operating worldwide, E-Crane’s approach to learning and training of employees and customers is an essential part of the E-Crane business model. The all-new training facility will be branded as “E-Crane Academy”. E-Crane is dedicated to create a strong learning experience for both customers and E-Crane co-workers. All training courses will focus on the skills of the people participating in order to meet the expectations of the participants. Located just next to our assembly shop it will also provide possibilities to combine class-room training with some hands-on experience. This will...

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Picture of the Month – June 2014

[frame link=”” linking=”lightbox” lightbox_group=”picture” align=”center” type=”simple”][/frame] 15 year old E-Crane at Wayne B. Smith: Still looking and performing great!

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E-Crane Floating Solutions: Expand Bulk Handling Capacity on the Water

[frame link=”” linking=”lightbox” align=”right” type=”simple”][/frame] Many ports are faced with problems such as congestion, no land for expansion, and costly outdated infrastructure.  E-Crane has the ideal solution to solve these problems by moving bulk handling operations to the water. The balanced design of the E-Crane results in significant energy savings, and it also makes the E-Crane ideal for mounting on a floating barge.  Because...

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Vlaamse E-Crane is wereldleider in schrootoverslag

Tot 20 kraanprojecten per jaar, wereldwijd Indusign werd in 1990 opgericht door Lieven Bauwens en Geert Watteeuw. “In de beginjaren waren we vooral actief op het gebied van staalconstructie en zware machinebouw”, verteld bedrijfsleider Lieven Bauwens. “Rond het jaar 1996 rolden we in de kraanconstructie.”De eerste E-Crane kwam op de markt 1998. De balansarmkranen zijn sterk in de overslag van schroot, bulkgoederen, kolen, grind en zand. In 2012 nam Indusign het Poolse staalconstructiebedrijf Famaba over. Sinds dan wordt de staalbouw voor de kranen in eigen beheer...

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What’s new in grain handling

Grain handling solutions at E-Crane The E-Crane is ideal for bulk handling applications that require heavy-duty production cycles. Recently, the E-Crane has proven to be a top solution for grain handling operations all around the world, particularly in South America. In 2013 and 2014, many companies chose the E-Crane as the solution to their grain handling needs. E-Crane successfully handling grain at terminal 6 S.A. in Argentina The 1500 Series/Model 11264 PD-E pedestal-mounted E-Crane in operation at Terminal 6 S.A. in Argentina [frame link=””...

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Cutting unloading time… reducing costs.

“The E-Crane system has cut our unloading time in half, cut our maintenance time dramatically, simplified operation and reduced our costs.” Mike Barton, Utility Supervisor at PowerSouth Energy Cooperative, Lowman Power Plant. Source: World Coal Asia

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