Year: 2014

15 year old E-Crane at Wayne B. Smith: Still looking and performing great!

At the end of May 2014, President of E-Crane International USA, Mark Osborne, paid a visit to Wayne B. Smith, one of the first E-Crane customers in the United States.  The 1500 Series, Model 10264 E-Crane was installed back in 2000 for offloading bulk material from barges on the Mississippi River. The E-Crane is soon to be 15 years old and is still operating successfully at the site in Louisiana, MO  The E-Crane is very well maintained and still looks like new.  This is quite a testament to Wayne B. Smith management and operators!

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E-Crane: The future starts today, not tomorrow

Picture by:Piotr MałagockiProject Manager – E-Towers® Famaba  Construction works for new assembly plant for towers and cranes are making good progress. Runways for overhead travelling cranes are under construction. Very soon heavy components upto 100 tons will be handled safely and efficiently on the workfloor.

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E-Crane steunt Kruiskenshoeve

  [frame link=”” linking=”lightbox” align=”right” type=”simple”][/frame] De oude notelaar met de zelfgemaakte boomhut van De Kruiskenshoeve begon onveilig te worden voor de jongeren! Daardoor  is de oude notelaar geveld in samenwerking met de jongeren. Om het plezier te behouden hebben wij –  E-Crane, een onderneming met een hart – een lading hout laten leveren zodat ze een nieuwe boomhut kunnen bouwen en de jongeren zo nog jaren veilig kunnen spelen.

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Picture of the Month – April 2014

[frame link=”” linking=”lightbox” lightbox_group=”picture” align=”center” type=”simple”][/frame] E-Crane @ work on a beautiful day in Sweden

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Case Study: American Shredder

Video of American Shredder (Texas) E-Crane is pleased to introduce our new Video Case Study featuring the 700 Series Model 4290 E-Crane at American Shredder. The video highlights the shredder feeding operation at the scrap yard with special interviews from Mark Osborne, President of E-Crane International USA, and Rick Kennedy, Operations Manager at American Shredder.   E-Crane would like to give a special thanks to Rick Kennedy and the American Shredder team for making this video possible. The E-Crane for American Shredder was installed in April of 2013...

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Found on the web: Barb Stauffer, sponsored by E-Crane, wins third Bucyrus Ladies Invitational title

[frame link=”” linking=”lightbox” align=”right” type=”simple”][/frame] BUCYRUS — Long-time bowler Barb Stauffer left everyone smiling after winning her third Bucyrus Ladies Invitational title Saturday afternoon at Suburban Lanes. “I feel blessed that I survived this today,” Stauffer said after accepting her trophy, laughing. “I mean, grandma strikes again.” A round of applause and laughter ensued for the well-respected bowler. The grandmother of nine has competed in the tournament...

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Mälarhamnar & E-Crane: Over 10 years of successful cooperation.

Important Contract [frame link=”×200.jpg” linking=”lightbox” align=”right” type=”simple”][/frame] In 2003, the Port of Västerås, part of Mälarhamnar AB, renewed an important contract with a local Power Company, Mälarenergi, for the highly important unloading of fuels for power plant incineration. A rapid, steady increase in the power plant’s production capacity and more focus on supply chain reliability made it obvious that an increase in bulk unloading capacity...

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Picture of the Month – March 2014

[frame link=”” linking=”lightbox” lightbox_group=”picture” align=”center” type=”simple”][/frame] E-Crane solutions: Reach without end.

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E-Crane, a proven solution for bulk handling.

  .issuuembed span {display:none !important;} The E-Crane is specifically designed for barge and ship unloading, and is a proven and trusted solution in the bulk handling industry.  E-Crane has proven itself at ports and terminals, offering complete solutions that ensure high efficiency and productivity as well as fast, efficient solutions for midstream transfer operations.  E-Cranes provide longer outreach ranges than typical material handlers, from 24.8 to 47.8 meters (82 to 157 feet).  This outreach allows for unloading any type of barge or ship with minimum...

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