E-Crane opens new training facility at Adegem

Operating worldwide, E-Crane’s approach to learning and training of employees and customers is an essential part of the E-Crane business model.

The all-new training facility will be branded as “E-Crane Academy”. E-Crane is dedicated to create a strong learning experience for both customers and E-Crane co-workers. All training courses will focus on the skills of the people participating in order to meet the expectations of the participants. Located just next to our assembly shop it will also provide possibilities to combine class-room training with some hands-on experience. This will all help to create both internal and external E-Crane experts who really have in-depth knowledge of our E-Crane technology.

This new facility will also be used as a research center for new innovative E-Crane technology. E-Crane is constantly developing new products in close cooperation with clients, suppliers, research institutes with a lot of attention given to the input of our own field engineers.

It is expected that the new training facility will be operation by the end of 3th quarter 2014.


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