Same Balanced Design… Same E‑Crane® Benefits

The balanced design of the E‑Dredger® minimizes tipping, even when fully loaded. This superior balance allows the E-Dredger® to be mounted on virtually any type of barge, even ones without spud poles! The E‑Dredger® requires very low power consumption. This leads to significant fuel savings when compared to other floating diggers.

Important Dredging Advantages

Along with the advantages of the unique balanced design, the E‑Dredger® also features:

Automatic E‑Dredger® Superlift Mode: reduces the need to discharge material from an overloaded grab, eliminating spillage of potentially contaminated silt

Specialized hydraulic grab with greater closing force for superior digging performance

Compact design: self-propelled nature allows for travel all over the world under its own steam

Load or unload ocean going vessels with higher throughput than any other type of crane, bar none. One E‑Crane® will replace several mobile material handlers every time. Move scrap at the lowest cost per ton handled in the industry and let E‑Crane® help you take your scrap yard to new heights.


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