Year: 2014

E-Crane received as ‘Fast Growing Large Company’ a prestigious ‘Trends Gazelle’ award.

On Wednesday February 26th ‘Trends Gazellen Oost-Vlaanderen’  awards were announced in Ghent. For the third year, E-Crane/Indusign has been mentioned in the prestigious list of the top 200 fastest growing East-Flemish companies! E-Crane/Indusign was placed in the top 40 among the 100 large-sized award winning companies. This classification is based on the company’s results obtained over a 5 year time span, meaning that E-Crane/Indusign’s “fast growth” was not simply based on a period of short-term success. We are very proud of this award and...

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Found on the web: E-Crane commissioned for coal handling in Louisiana

E-Crane is a proven and trusted solution in the coal handling industry and has been the ideal solution at many ports and terminals for barge loading and unloading, ship loading and unloading, and stockpiling. While each project is different, the modular and flexible design of the E-Crane makes it ideal for any coal handling operation. New E-Crane commissioned for coal handling operation In 2013, E-Crane commissioned a new unit at the Kinder Morgan International Marine Terminals facility in Port Sulphur, US. The company is currently undergoing a multi-phase expansion of the terminal in...

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Balanced cranes enjoying a timely lift

E-Crane Worldwide with base in Adegem, Belgium, and E-Crane International USA in Ohio is riding the crest of a sales wave. Not only its name becoming more widely known around the globe each year, says E-Crane International President, Mark Osborne, but 2013 is looking like setting a record for sales for his part of the E-Crane empire. So far this year on the American side of E-Crane’s business. Osborne and his team have commissioned 10 balanced cranes alone and the parts and service side of the business is also ‘expanding nicely’. New inquiries The sentiments also ring...

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Ghent Port Company pleased with second E-Crane at Van Heyghen Recycling

Since November 16, 2012 the Van Heyghen Recycling company (part of the Galloo Group) has been utilizing two E-Cranes. This second E-Crane was installed and commissioned three years after the first one was put into use. This second, identical crane is used for the loading of large seagoing vessels. The Ghent Port Company is pleased with this, as Van Heyghen Recycling is able to help to develop economic growth in the port of Ghent. In the past, the loading of large seagoing vessels was carried out by means of rented mobile port cranes. The first E-Crane at the Van Heyghen Recycling facility...

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Found on the web: Innovative Design, Techniques and Equipment

ABSTRACT The Port of Rotterdam is currently undergoing a massive extension called Maasvlakte 2. During the first phase 700 hectares of new port area will be created. A combination of hard and soft sea defences in the North Sea will protect the new port from the elements. To realise this massive project, innovative design, techniques and equipment were necessary. A design was developed to ensure that wherever possible the sea defence would be soft, since a hard seawall is more expensive. One of the innovative design features of...

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Picture of the Month – December 2013

[frame link=”” linking=”lightbox” lightbox_group=”picture” align=”center” type=”simple”][/frame] December: A truly beautiful ‘december’ sunset nearby the equator. (Picture by: L. Bauwens)

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