Year: 2014

Heavy duty machines and operators

Nucor General Recycling installed a 700 Series E-Crane for feeding auto bodies into a shredder at their Flowood, Mississippi facility near Jackson. The shredder was previously fed by older material handler which was replaced with the new E-Crane. E-Crane engineers worked with Nucor to develop a turn-key solution for removing the old crane and erecting the E-Crane in its place. The E-Crane is mounted on a 4-legged pedestal, with custom stairways to accommodate the infrastructure that had previously been surrounding the old crane. Complete assembly and installations, including the tear-down of...

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In The Press: Galloo Gent supersnel met E-Cranes

[one_half] De Galloo Recycling Group beschikt over acht E-Cranes, die onder meer op haar werf in Gent worden ingezet. In de Gentse haven slaat Galloo 850.000 ton schroot per jaar over. De E-Cranes van de gelijknamige Belgische fabrikant nemen in dat proces een sleutelpositie in en verhogen duidelijk ook de snelheid waarmee schepen kunnen worden beladen. Rik Debaere van Galloo: “Met de E-Crane kan het schroot veel beter worden verspreid en hebben we veel minder trimwerk, wat uiteraard resulteert in tijdwinst.” Meer informatie: Group Galloo Recycling Source: 10 december 2014 – http...

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E-Crane and Rexroth: Long-term and Pleasant Collaboration

‘Bosch Rexroth supplier of the month’ Erik Staes, Branch Manager of Mobile Applications at Bosch Rexroth NV says: ‘Since the establishment of Indusign in the 1990s, there has been a collaboration with Bosch Rexroth. Currently, I visit them for business on a monthly basis, and if there are new projects or special adjustments required by customer specifications, then I discuss these directly and naturally solve them as quickly as possible.’ Products from the high pressure spectrum Bosch Rexroth supplies many products from the high pressure spectrum to E-Crane. Among these are pumps...

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E-Crane, licensed service partner of Palfinger Marine!

E-Crane signs contract with Palfinger Palfinger Marine, known for its reliable, innovative and customized marine, offshore and windcranes has signed a service contract with E-Crane, making them a licensed service partner for the maintenance of Palfinger cranes. Specifically, this is for the wind turbines of the Thornton Bank. These cranes are managed by Senvion Benelux. The Belgian service hub of the German group Senvion was looking for a local partner that offers a professional service at a good price. [frame link=””...

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E-Crane and ING: A Long Lasting Client Relationship

The international network of ING has proven to be a benefit to E-Crane.  E-Crane is a major client of ING, working directly with Patrick Roegiers, the relationship manager of ING.  E-Crane, is primarily a manufacturer of cranes for bulk material handling, but has also recently become a leading manufacturer of windmills with the acquisition of a company called Famaba.  Famaba, located in Poland, has had a long standing partnership with E-Crane, making all of the steel construction for the main E-Crane components.  In addition to this Famaba is also producing the circular...

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E-Crane floating solutions

MH900 Series – Up to 500tph! 1500 Series – Up to 1000tph! Many ports are faced with problems such as congestion, no land for expansion, and costly outdated infrastructure.  E-Crane has the ideal solution to solve these problems by moving bulk handling operations to the water. The balanced design of the E-Crane results in significant energy savings, and it also makes the E-Crane ideal for mounting on a floating barge.  Because of the E-Crane’s excellent stability, the movement of the E-Crane causes very minimal listing and movement of the barge and smaller barge...

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In the Press: E-Crane® makes Galloo Ghent the fastest scrap terminal in the world

[frame link=”” linking=”lightbox” lightbox_group=”picture” align=”center” type=”simple”][/frame] GHENT – Through the windows of their office, Chief Executive Officer Bernard Beyne and Managing Director/CEO Rik Debaere of Galloo Recycling Group look out over their scrap terminal with satisfaction. The large, colourful mounds of scrap sit next to each other. It is an unusual view from an office, but that not a cause for concern. Galloo is, after all, doing very well. ...

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