Ghent Port Company pleased with second E-Crane at Van Heyghen Recycling

Since November 16, 2012 the Van Heyghen Recycling company (part of the Galloo Group) has been utilizing two E-Cranes. This second E-Crane was installed and commissioned three years after the first one was put into use. This second, identical crane is used for the loading of large seagoing vessels. The Ghent Port Company is pleased with this, as Van Heyghen Recycling is able to help to develop economic growth in the port of Ghent.

In the past, the loading of large seagoing vessels was carried out by means of rented mobile port cranes. The first E-Crane at the Van Heyghen Recycling facility has already proven its worth in the field of transshipment capacity. In the course of the past three years, the E-Crane has realized transshipment capacities up to 100% higher than that of traditional, large mobile port cranes.

Good for Ghent Port’s Growth

The Ghent Port Company is very pleased with this investment by Van Heyghen Recycling. Van Heyghen Recycling has shown that their company supports the further growth and development of the port of Ghent. Thanks to this second E-Crane, the loading and unloading times will continue to decrease. Consequently, customers will continue to receive  even better service.


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