Found on the web: Barb Stauffer, sponsored by E-Crane, wins third Bucyrus Ladies Invitational title

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BUCYRUS — Long-time bowler Barb Stauffer left everyone smiling after winning her third Bucyrus Ladies Invitational title Saturday afternoon at Suburban Lanes.

“I feel blessed that I survived this today,” Stauffer said after accepting her trophy, laughing. “I mean, grandma strikes again.”

A round of applause and laughter ensued for the well-respected bowler.

The grandmother of nine has competed in the tournament for the past 25 years, winning in 1992, 2004 and 2014, and finished runner-up in 2000 and 2001. Stauffer entered the finals undefeated and beat Julie Heimlich in three games, 590-536, to win her first championship in a decade.

“It was awesome bowling against Barb,” Heimlich, a fourth-year competitor, said. “She’s a friend and I’m just happy to be where I’m at, because she’s a veteran, and she is good. She deserves it.”

Stauffer credited part of her tournament success to her new bowling ball, called the assassin. It was a spur of the moment purchase for Stauffer, which she got just in time for the invitational.

“I knew I had to execute it, but that ball, I just absolutely love it,” Stauffer said. “I have struggled so hard this year with my bowling, and it seemed like it just turned around when I got that ball.”

Stauffer also used her signature pink Barbie ball for the 10 pin. Stauffer, also known as Barbie to many of her friends, embraced her nickname with the purchase of her 10-pin ball.

Heather McLaughlin finished third and Patricia Horsley took fourth. Horsley was also the recipient of the first Bucyrus Ladies Invitational Mary Rank and Gloria Weinandy sportsmanship award. Both Rank and Weinandy were involved in the local bowling community and passed away last year. The Bucyrus Ladies Invitational wanted to honor the women for their dedication to the tournament and the sport over the years.

Terri Hedges finished with the high game scratch (246), Tacsha Ridgeway had the high game handicap (240), Robbin Johnson bowled the high game series scratch (595) and tournament rookie Penny Harper bowled the high game series handicap (606).

Source: bucyrus


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