E-Crane, licensed service partner of Palfinger Marine!

E-Crane signs contract with Palfinger

Palfinger Marine, known for its reliable, innovative and customized marine, offshore and windcranes has signed a service contract with E-Crane, making them a licensed service partner for the maintenance of Palfinger cranes. Specifically, this is for the wind turbines of the Thornton Bank. These cranes are managed by Senvion Benelux. The Belgian service hub of the German group Senvion was looking for a local partner that offers a professional service at a good price.

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Expertise & customer focus

The first experiences of the cooperation, for example the repair of a platform crane during phase 1 of the Thornton Bank project, were defined by Senvion as goal driven. Senvion immediately acknowledged the expertise and the customer focus of E-Crane. Thanks to Senvion, E-Crane was brought into contact with Palfinger and after a thorough audit, E-Crane was certified as a licensed service partner. E-Crane Offshore Services will cover repair and maintenance of the Palfinger windcranes. In the future, this partnership can be extended to installation and commissioning and to other countries.

Ideal partner

This partnership originated thanks to E-Crane’s extensive know-how about the design and construction of hydraulic cranes as well as their professional
service. E-Crane’s location in Adegem lends itself to speed and flexibility, but also to service to other offshore clients with Palfinger installations. The combination of professionalism and expertise, a stable market position and the favorable location was more than enough reason for Palfinger to choose E-Crane as a partner.

[testimonial name=”Martin Zauner” job_title=” head of Business Unit Wind” company=”Palfinger Marine” size=”small” type=”bubble”]

“Their philosophy to only deliver best available service to a competitive price matches
Palfinger Marine’s philosophy very well”.


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