Year: 2009

New Dutch Coastline Takes Shape

The construction of Maasvlakte 2 is proceeding according to plan. Over a quarter of the necessary sand was applied during the last year by contractors’ consortium PUMA. The trailing suction hopper dredgers have started to create two islands in the North Sea. One of these is already over 4 km long and has been ‘secured’ to the old coastline. construction of Maasvlakte 2 on schedulea quarter of the sand has been sprayed oninnovative design for sea defences In February 2010, a start will be made on the construction of the first quay wall for a container terminal, as well as the...

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E-Crane focuses on efficiency & dredging at Int WBS

E-Crane International USA (Galion, OH, USA), a wholly-owned subsidiary of E-Crane Worldwide / Indusign (Adegem, Belgium), was an exhibitor at this year’s International Workboat Show (WBS). E-Crane booth at the International Workboat Show 2009 The 30th annual WBS held in New Orleans, Louisiana, features a collection of industries related to inland waterways, ports, offshore, and many other maritime industries. Over 1,000 companies participated as exhibitors, more than 10,000 attendees were expected. E-Crane USA participated as an exhibitor for the ninth consecutive year. The E-Crane...

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Successful installation of new 2000-Series E-Crane at Van Heyghen Recycling

Successful installation of new 2000-Series E-Crane at Van Heyghen Recycling (Galloo Group) This E-Crane with lifting capacity of 30 ton in grab mode (40 ton in hook mode) and reach of 38,2 meters will be used for loading scrap into mainly Handymax ships and lending assistance for the receiving, handling and stockpiling of the scrap on the yard. This E-Crane really completes the cycle! In each phase of the scrap’s journey, an E-Crane is now involved: The scrap is offloaded from trucks, fed to shears and later loaded into smaller ships by a 700 Series E-Crane (model 6317 on crawlers)...

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E-Crane nominated for ‘Crane of the Year’-Award

The E-Crane is nominated for the IBJ (International Bulk Journal) ‘Crane of the Year’-Award. Fellow nominees for this IBJ-award are Liebherr (Austria) and NKM Noell (The Netherlands). On November 23rd it will be announced which nominee can walk away with the award. A modified version of the E-Crane (a 3000 Series E-Crane® model 5045S-CRD) will start work next spring, 2010 for the construction of the Maasvlakte 2 Seawall. Contracters combination PUMA will deploy the specialist E-Crane for placing heavy concrete blocks, weighing over 40 ton each, from the existing block...

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Read in Brazil: MultiServ Brochure featuring 1000Series E-Crane®

Focus on the management of scrap Multiserv provides a fully integrated systems for managing and optimizing the process through which the scrap is received, stored and delivered to the furnace. Each scrap management system is designed to meet the specific requirements of the customer and tests with simulation models ensure optimum efficiency. The system can be adapted to the specific demands of both producers of carbon steel and stainless steel. Scrap Management Fully Integrated MultiServ is capable of unloading scrap brought in by road, rail or river and also collect internal...

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E-Crane: well-balanced in the bulk market

E-Crane International USA Inc. (ECI-USA) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Indusign N.V., a Belgian engineering company. ECI-USA is the exclusive provider of marketing, sales, engineering, product support, and spare parts for the E-Craneproduct line in North and South America. Product Line The standard E-Crane product line consists of five series of balanced hydraulic cranes (E-Cranes): 700 Series, 1000 Series, 1500 Series, 2000 Series, and 3000 Series. E-Crane also offers a line of material handling machines: MH900 and MH1200. The E-Crane is a truly revolutionary material handling...

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E-Crane® nominated for IBJ “Crane of the Year” Award

IBJ Awards 2009 The E-Crane equilibrium crane is on the shortlist of 3 nominees for the IBJ “Crane of the Year” Award that will be announced November 23 in Amsterdam. The IBJ Awards are dedicated exclusively to the maritime dry bulk industry, and recognise achievements by individuals and companies improving and enhancing efficiency, safety and environment protection in this vital global market. IBJ, International Bulk Journal, is the magazine of the international maritime bulk industry. There are 15 awards and the winners will be announced November 23 in Amsterdam. The...

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E-Dredger” Albatros operational

Found on the world wide web: picture of the Albatros with E-Dredger®, on its way to the port of Rotterdam for its first assignment. The Albatros now already 3 weeks at work in the Port of Rotterdam. Source:

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Bas Tolhuizen takes up his new function as International Sales Manager at E-Crane Worldwide

Bas Tolhuizen, International Sales Manager In order to coordinate and strengthen the different tasks of the commercial divisions in The Netherlands and the US, Mr. Tolhuizen will combine his current responsibilities in the Near and Far East with the task of supporting the commercial activities of the different E-Crane divisions, and further developing the Asian / Australian markets, among others through creating strategic alliances. Mr. Tolhuizen has already built a career of many years with E-Crane®. First as a Service Engineer with American Crane Europe, then as Parts & Service...

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Another E-Crane® working along the borders of the the Mediterranean Sea

First pictures of the barge unloading operation at Marseille (Fos-sur-Mer) @ approx. 500 tons/hour Complete system — layout, basic and detailed design, E-Crane®, tow bars, traveling hopper with telescopic chute, communications and crane monitoring systems, turn-key installation, training for drivers/maintenance crew and start-up assistance — by E-Crane®

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E-Crane International USA attends Coal-Gen Trade Show in Charlotte, NC (USA)

E-Crane International USA (ECI-USA) was one of the exhibitors at this year’s Coal-Gen Trade Show. This show is specifically marketed to coal fired power plants in the US. Since half of all E-Cranes in operation today in North and South America are in the power sector, this trade show was a perfect fit for ECI-USA. Many of the firms ECI-USA works with attended the exhibition (clients, terminal management firms, …).. The E-Crane® is a perfect solution for power plants because of the versatility to handle both the fuel for the plant and the other materials needed for air quality...

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E-Crane delegation visits m/v Rickmers Jakarta

Boschmans & Co and Rickmers-Linie invited E-Crane® for a tour on board the m/v Rickmers, the ship that will transport a 1000 Series E-Crane® to China. This E-Crane® is the second E-Crane® purchased by TISCO, the Taiyuan Iron & Steel Company for work on their scrap yard in the Shanxi Province, China. Boschmans & Co is an Antwerp based Forwarder, regularly used by E-Crane® for the seafreight of their E-Cranes to all continents of the world. Through Mr. Jean Aernaudts, we received the invitation to see with our own eyes how this works and what is involved in this whole loading...

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