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Focus on the management of scrap

Multiserv provides a fully integrated systems for managing and optimizing the process through which the scrap is received, stored and delivered to the furnace. Each scrap management system is designed to meet the specific requirements of the customer and tests with simulation models ensure optimum efficiency. The system can be adapted to the specific demands of both producers of carbon steel and stainless steel.

Scrap Management Fully Integrated

MultiServ is capable of unloading scrap brought in by road, rail or river and also collect internal scrap. The high-precision systems in real-time guarantee loading the baskets and gutters in accordance with menus electronically received from the steel furnace.

The flexibility of the scrap management system allows rapid changes in the fusion programs and ensures timely delivery of baskets. The accuracy of the system allows the client to reduce their costs, ensuring that the correct mixture of scrap is used, optimizing the equation “cost of scrap x metal yield”.

Wireless Networks

To manage the scrap yard the client is using specialized equipment such as:

  • pedestal cranes (fixed and on rails)
  • gantry
  • overhead cranes
  • mobile equipment

A sophisticated management software coordinates all fixed and mobile elements in the scrap handling operation, communicating data over a wireless network quickly and securely.

Specialized carriers take baskets loaded with scrap for the steel plant, allowing the scrap yards to be away from the furnace. Return scrap is collected at the point of production and transported to the scrap yard or processed as specified by the metal load of the steel mill.

  • Reception, storage and stock control of the scrap in real time.
  • Loading scrap baskets according to supply.
  • Transport of the scrap baskets according to supply.
  • Transport by baskets and rails to the steel plant.
  • Optimization revenues scrap mix to achieve the lowest cost.
  • Scrap handling and delivery of scrap to steelworks.
  • Collection and transport of domestic scrap


  1. Pedestal cranes equipped with GPS system for tracking scrap.
  2. Delivery of scrap baskets to the furnace, using basket carrier with capacity of 150 tons.
  3. 50 tons Trucks delivering internal scrap.
  4. Handling of scrap by sea ferry for an electric steel plant in Spain.
  5. Loading scrap baskets for Thailand, according to electronically received data.
  6. Handling of internal and external scrap.


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