E-Crane focuses on efficiency & dredging at Int WBS

E-Crane International USA (Galion, OH, USA), a wholly-owned subsidiary of E-Crane Worldwide / Indusign (Adegem, Belgium), was an exhibitor at this year’s International Workboat Show (WBS).

E-Crane booth at the International Workboat Show 2009

The 30th annual WBS held in New Orleans, Louisiana, features a collection of industries related to inland waterways, ports, offshore, and many other maritime industries. Over 1,000 companies participated as exhibitors, more than 10,000 attendees were expected. E-Crane USA participated as an exhibitor for the ninth consecutive year.

The E-Crane USA booth featured the first ever constructed E-Dredger® and also a multi-informational company overview. Although the global economy has slowed down maritime industries over the past year, E-Crane® still saw plenty of visitors. Most of the discussion at the booth revolved around efficiency: a must have quality these days for any port or terminal operator. The unique balanced design of the E-Crane® provides its customers with the lowest energy consumption per offloaded ton.

Passers-by were also interested in the E-Dredger®, a new concept from E-Crane Worldwide. The E-Crane’s unique boom structure lends itself naturally to dredging with its long down reach relative to more traditional forms of hydraulic equipment. Furthermore the balanced principle allows for a multitude of mounting options. E-Crane USA even received an invitation to tells its E-Dredger story in the industry publication International Dredging Review. IDR has been a staple in the dredging industry for many years and was recently purchased by Waterways Journal.

E-Dredger highlights:

  • Hydraulically adjustable operator cab
  • Minimum tail swing
  • Crane Monitoring System
  • Low construction height for maximum mobility under bridges
  • Built for easy disassembly and re-assembly
  • Unique open stick design
  • Superior balance
  • Energy saving operation
  • Specially designed for under water application
  • Grab with higher closing forces
  • Automatic E-Dredger Superlift Mode
1500 Series E-Crane®, model 10264 offloading barges at Wayne B. Smith Inc. since 2000 along the Mississipi River, Louisiana, MO, USA

Among the visitors to the booth were representatives from Savage Services (an industrial services company based in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA) and Cooper/T. Smith (one of America’s oldest and largest stevedoring and maritime related companies based in Mobile, Alabama, USA). E-Crane owner Jerry Smith of Wayne B. Smith (a barge terminal on the Mississippi River in Louisiana, Missouri) also stopped by to check out the booth and had high praises for his E-Crane® (installed in the summer of 2000). Kent Hoffmeister, president of Global Marine Technologies (a marine engineering firm based in Mandeville, Louisiana, USA), and frequent consultant for E-Crane USA also spent some time at the booth. E-Crane USA will be an exhibitor for the 10th consecutive year at the 2010 WBS in New Orleans, LA, December 1-3 of next year.

The picture above: E-Dredger® model 10290B for client Herbosch-Kiere (operated by Kraaijeveld B.V.) for port and river maintenance.


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