Successful installation of new 2000-Series E-Crane at Van Heyghen Recycling

Loading scrap into Handymax vessels in the Port of Ghent, Belgium

Van Heyghen Recycling 3

Successful installation of new 2000-Series E-Crane at Van Heyghen Recycling (Galloo Group)

This E-Crane with lifting capacity of 30 ton in grab mode (40 ton in hook mode) and reach of 38,2 meters will be used for loading scrap into mainly Handymax ships and lending assistance for the receiving, handling and stockpiling of the scrap on the yard.

This E-Crane really completes the cycle! In each phase of the scrap’s journey, an E-Crane is now involved:

  1. The scrap is offloaded from trucks, fed to shears and later loaded into smaller ships by a 700 Series E-Crane (model 6317 on crawlers) in the Galloo scrap yard in Menen, or by the 1000 Series E-Crane (model 7317, high gantry on rails) at Denolf Recycling (Galloo Group) in Brugge, Belgium.
  2. On the quay of Van Heyghen Recycling in Ghent, the new 2000 Series E-Crane unloads the ships with scrap coming from Menen or Brugge. The 2 E-Cranes, a 1000 Series E-Crane model 7317-GAE and a 2000 Series E-Crane model 21382-GAE, handle the scrap in the Ghent scrap yard.
  3. Subsequently, in Ghent, the scrap is loaded into Handymax vessels by the new 2000 Series E-Crane.
  4. The first Handymax ship that the E-Crane loaded (November 2009) was the ‘Monica P.’ who set sail to Turkey, her end destination being the Çolakoğlu Metalurji steel manufacturing plant, where another E-Crane (a 1500 Series, type 9317-GAE) unloads the scrap and loads it into scrap baskets for transport to the electric furnace where the scrap will be melted.

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