E-Crane delegation visits m/v Rickmers Jakarta

Boschmans & Co and Rickmers-Linie invited E-Crane® for a tour on board the m/v Rickmers, the ship that will transport a 1000 Series E-Crane® to China.

This E-Crane® is the second E-Crane® purchased by TISCO, the Taiyuan Iron & Steel Company for work on their scrap yard in the Shanxi Province, China.

Boschmans & Co is an Antwerp based Forwarder, regularly used by E-Crane® for the seafreight of their E-Cranes to all continents of the world. Through Mr. Jean Aernaudts, we received the invitation to see with our own eyes how this works and what is involved in this whole loading and transport process.

We were welcomed by Mr. Kurt Lyssens, Trade Manager at Rickmers-Linie Belgium NV, who gave us a tour of the ship and lots of information about their operating ways.

Rickmers Linie has 9 identical ships, all with adjustable tweendecks, dehumidifying devices in all holds and a heavy-lift capacity of up to 640 tons when combining their two 320 ton portside cranes. All vessels have a deadweight of 30.000 tons and cargo capacity of +/- 34.600 tons.

They offer what is called a “Round-The-World Pearl String Service”, covering a route (loading / unloading points) around different continents of the world, with stops in Hamburg, Antwerp, Genoa for Europe, and several ports in China, Singapore, Japan, The United States, … Each round trip takes about 4 months.

When we arrived, our E-Crane® was already safely stored in at the bottom of deck 3. Rickmers-Linie Belgium was so kind as to provide us with a picture taken just after loading of the E-Crane®.

The E-Crane® is a 1000 Series E-Crane®, model 7317 on Gantry lower, and will be working alongside the first E-Crane® at TISCO, a similar model, loading baskets, offloading trucks, etcetera.

The first E-Crane® at TISCO was assembled in 2006.

We would like to thank Mr. Aernaudts for the invitation and Mr. Lyssens for the interesting tour on board!

The picture above: from left to right: Jean-Marie, Ann, Bart & Stein from Indusign NV / E-Crane Worldwide, Jean Aernaudts from Boschmans & Co., Leon Hendrickx from E-Crane International Europe.


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