Shamrock Materials finds an environmentally sound solution

Preamble: Shamrock Materials

Is the premier supplier of ready-mix concrete, concrete stone and landscaping products for northern California. Shamrock receives PCC ( Portland Concrete Concentrate ) and Aggregate from suppliers in British Columbia, Canada.


Freight cost and environmental impact by moving large quantities of bulk materials with trucks.


In order to meet the increasing demand for Shamrock’s products, Shamrock decided to change their operations drastically by expanding their Petaluma River terminal, constructing 6 custom made barges on site and to install a pedestal mounted, series 1500, model 11264, E-Crane®. This enables Shamrock materials to receive their materials from their British Columbia, Canada supplier directly.


1500 Series E-Crane®, Model 11264. This E-crane® features an outreach of 86 ft a maximum duty cycle capacity of 16.5 Tons, equipped with an 8.0 yd3 bucket.

What will the E-Crane® do for this client?

This E-crane® allows Shamrock materials to offload a fully loaded barge in approximately 4 hours. This time window is critical, since the loaded barges have to be moved to the site during high tide. California is a very environmentally conscientious state and has regulations that exceed federal emissions and air quality regulations. This is called the California Environmental Quality Act. With the new E-crane® Shamrock materials is able to divert approximately 1.19 million truck miles per year from the extremely busy Highway 101 corridor. This also results in a fuel saving of approximately 250,000 Gallons of diesel fuel. The E-crane® also allows for the use of less powerful/polluting equipment on the barges, which is an additional environmental benefit.

Special feature of E-Crane®

The extraordinary feature of an E-Crane®, which sets it apart from any other material handler is the pivoting counterweight. The counterweight is actuated by a hydraulic cylinder. It pivots back and forth on its axis. This movement is transmitted to the stick by the means of a rigid connecting rod. If the stick moves out, the counterweight pivots to the rear, if the stick moves in, the counterweight pivots in to transfer its weight closer to the crane. This means that an E-Crane® is nearly always in equilibrium during its working cycle Eugene B. Ceccotti, President & CEO “The pleasure and honor was all ours. We are the ones who thank you for your professionalism, in your work for the installation of the E-Crane® and also providing us with an opportunity to observe and learn from you.” Jeff Nehmens – Senior VP + CEO “Thank you for all your hard work and one of the cleanest and quickest installs of any equipment we have ever been part of. You have a great piece of equipment and the work force to match. It has been a pleasure to work with all of you.” The operators are delighted with the quiet, air conditioned, ergonomic environment and ease of operation.


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