E-Crane® Worldwide / Indusign NY2006 celebration

The ECI Worldwide/Indusign Personnel was very pleased…

“It’s always difficult to gather all personnel @ the same place @ the same time, but noone wants to miss this NY2006 reception”

“Our Director Lieven Bauwens held a short but straight-to-the-point speech in which he promised a very successfull and busy 2006”

“It’s always nice to learn to know your colleagues in an informal sphere”

“It’s an annual habit to look out for the second Friday of January to bless the New Year with a snack and drink together with all the colleagues.
It can be said that we are yearly improving concerning realised projects. And this results in the always shorter becoming speeches of the Director and in the afterwards offered catering. Where we in the beginning got satisfied with a drink and some sandwiches we are now already treated on a full menu with all extra’s like desserts and aloholic or non-alcoholic drinks. (Therefore we wants to say thanks to the staff of the company and the catering (Not to forget Chief Catering “Nicole”) After a full afternoon, and already a bit of the evening,having enjoyed food and drinks and nice chats with colleagues (sometimes whom one seldom hears or sees), we went satisfied home.  Well ensuring the small attentions which everyone received.”

“The NY reception has become a beautiful tradition in my opinion, which can be continued in the same way. Also this year it was allround perfect, I think it’s a beautiful initiative because of the Executive Board! This way the ever growing team gets more in touch with each other, and we are glad to be put in the spotlights now and then (And admit … who does not like this!)”


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