Goldkist needs more chicken feed


Goldkist is the second largest poultry producer in the country. Goldkist markets 14 million birds per week that need to be fed!


Demand from Goldkists, Guntersville, AL. feed mill was outstripping supply. The existing, high maintenance “marine leg” bucket unloader took up to 15 hours to unload a barge.


In order to meet the increasing demand for chicken feed, Goldkist decided to replace the “marine leg” with a more modern, productive material handler.


700 series E-Crane®, Model 4264. This E-crane features an outreach of 86 ft a maximum duty cycle capacity of 6.0 Tons, equipped with a 5.5 yd3 bucket

What will the E-Crane® do for this client?

With the purchase of this E-crane® Gold Kist is now able to offload a barge of grain or soy meal in 4 to 5 hours. The E-Crane® is obviously much faster, consumes less energy and is much easier to maintain.

Special feature of E-Crane®

The extraordinary feature of an Ecrane, which sets it apart from any other material handler is the pivoting counterweight. The counterweight is actuated by a hydraulic cylinder. It pivots back and forth on its axis. This movement is transmitted to the stick by the means of a rigid connecting rod. If the stick moves out, the counterweight pivots to the rear, if the stick moves in, the counterweight pivots in to transfer its weight closer to the crane. This means that an E-crane® is nearly always in equilibrium during its working cycle.

We looked for the optimum – cost effective offloading solution and found it by purchasing an E-crane. This will improve our operation and prepare us for growth in the future

Ed Marsh – Plant Manager / Goldkist

The operators are delighted with the quiet, air conditioned, ergonomic environment and ease of operation. Another milestone in the success story of the extraordinary E-Crane® and its support team: E-Crane International USA

Source: ECI-USA

The picture above: This series 700, model 4264 E-Crane® to offload grains was delivered to the Goldkist feed mill in Guntersville, AL.


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