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When conventional excavator can’t do the job; a dedicated continuous unloader is too expensive; consider the E-Crane®. The right productivity at the right price!

E like Equilibrium
E like Energy Efficient
E Like Easy to maintain
E like Easy to own
E like Ergonomic Design

The design incorporates a unique parallelogram system and counterweight using gravity to its advantage. Horsepower requirements are reduced by up to 50%, while maintaining high productivities at long outreaches.

To arrange a visit to see an E-Crane®in action, call us today. Learn why the advanced E-Crane® can be the ideal balance of cost and capabilities in your situation.

The E-Crane® is raising the bar for bulk material handlers by proving to move more material faster, farther, and more efficiently than any conventional crane. Choosing the right crane just became a whole lot easier.

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