B&N E-crane® Site Visit & E-Crane® Field Evaluation

From our site visit on Friday, September 3, 2004.

Overview of Jobsite and E-Crane®B&N Coal provides coal offloading and blending services to the AMP Ohio power plant. Local coal is trucked to the plant and higher quality (low sulfur) coal arrives by barge. The E-Crane® discharges the barges. B&N is responsible for all fuel handling and blending until it is inside the plant. Real time changes in fuel quality are monitored / adjusted continuously by B&N personnel based on plant requirements.
E-Crane® – Series 1000 Model 7264 B&N E-Crane Site Visit_image1
Commissioned October 1999
Horizontal outreach 86.6 feet
Vertical lifting range 114 feet
Duty Cycle capacity = 10 us tons
Coal handling grab = 8.5 yd3
B&N E-Crane Site Visit_image2Net payload per cycle = 12,000 pounds (6 UStons)
Cycles per hour 100 – 130
Operating hours > 9,000 hours
Terminal Manager Chris King
Employees at coal terminal = 5
Other facts


• Typically the B&N E-Crane operates 5 days per week and discharges 3 jumbo river barges containing approximately 1500 tons of coal per barge. This work, including barge clean-up is completed in less than 8 hours and demonstrates a “through barge” productivity of 650 US tons per hour.

• During free digging – the crane outpaces the belt conveyor and crane operator is waiting for the hopper to clear.

 B&N E-Crane Site Visit_image3 B&N E-Crane Site Visit_image4
• B&N crew is highly efficient in discharging the coal barges – barge haul controls at the operating station. Putting in the bobcat for cleaning is less than 1 minute.
B&N E-Crane Site Visit_image5
• The original coal handling grab – designed and supplied by E-Crane® is in service every day and now has 9,000 operating hours! This grab continues to do a fine job – only minimal cutting edge maintenance has been done by B&N. The grab closes quickly and seals well – even holding water to some degree. Remarkable for the attachment.
B&N E-Crane Site Visit_image6

• Chris King runs a very efficient operation. They practice good equipment maintenance procedures.

• The operator reported that he has run the E-Crane® for 2 years and has said the controls were very easy to adapt to because they are set up just like a caterpillar machine.

• The E-Crane® has been in operation for five years and the amount of down time (where the crane could not be used to unload coal) can be measured in a handful of hours.

• On rare occasions when parts or technical assistance was needed by B&N – ECI-USA provided prompt assistance.

• The project layout was dictated by support cells that existed from a previous unloader.

• Big down reach ….vertical travel of 58 feet from normal pool to top of receiving hopper. Even with the large vertical travel…cycle times of 30 seconds are achieved.

 B&N E-Crane Site Visit_image7 B&N E-Crane Site Visit_image8
• Check out the B&N Job Story on E-Crane International USA and customer testimonial here

Brian D. Withers, Sales Engineer

Mark Osborne, President Executive


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