Press Release: Dry Cargo International – September Issue

Nova Scotia Power Inc. (NSPI), Nova Scotia Canada was looking for the most efficient, economic way to offload coal for the Point Tupper Coal Terminal in the straight of Canso.

The terminal will import approximately 1.0 million metric tons coal for the Point Tupper and Trenton Generating Stations. The coal will be supplied from coal basins throughout the world and shipped in Panamax bulk carriers to provide NSPI with the most cost effective and environmentally friendly fuel solutions. The terminal has been designed for a potential increase in volume of up to 4 million tons per year.

NSPI and their engineering partner, CBCL opted for an E-Crane, Series 2000 Model 21382 GA-E, with a duty cycle rating of 29.7 US / 27.0 metric tons and a maximum reach of 125.0 feet / 38.2 m; equipped with a 27.5 yd3 / 21.0 m3 coal bucket. This E-Crane is powered by a 600 Kw electric motor and has a total operating weight of 935,000 Lbs / 425,000 Kg; mounted on an asymmetrical high rail with 2 bogie assemblies – 12 wheels on the water side and 1 bogie assembly – 6 wheels on the land side. This arrangement offsets the crane for better accessibility and better load distribution. In addition, the crane features a hydraulically moveable cab with a movement range of -90/+35 degrees and a total vertical change of 18 feet/ 6 meters for improved operator visibility. This E-Crane also features a hopper linked to the crane to further enhance operator comfort, safety and productivity, since with this arrangement the hopper is always in the same position relative to the crane.

The E-Crane is placed at the end of a terminal which is over 1,200 feet/ 400 meters long into the Straight of Canso. This presented some unusual challenges: Where to stage for pre-assembly, reduced room for final assembly, lifting of heavy equipment by floating cranes, etc. E-Crane USA presented various assembly options and scenarios and NSPI opted to receive the Crane completely assembled on a specially rigged ship which is equipped to transport the crane and lift it in one piece on their dock.


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