New E-Crane in Service at Duquesne Wharf

“Largest bulk material crane on inland waterways”

E-Crane International has manufactured and installed an equilibrium crane (E-Crane) for Union Railroad Co. Along the left bank of the Monongahela River in Duquesne, PA, USA.

The new fixed-pedestal mounted E-Crane replaces the 35-year old Bucyrus Erie lattice boom crane for barge unloading.

Designed and co-manufactured by Indusign of Belgium, the E-Crane is the largest bulk material crane on the inland waterways. The crane has a 26.5 Ustons lifting capacity at 86.6 ft. reach and is equipped with a 25 yd3 hydraulic grab for coal and a 6.6 yd3 grab for pigiron.

The machine is powered by 600-hp electric motor driving state-of-the-art variable volume pumps with load sensing and pressure limiting controls to meet load demands. This E-Crane is designed to have a free digging production rate exceeding 1,500 yons of coal per hour.

The patented parallelogram system keeps the crane in near balance throughout its full working range. This balanced condition enables the E-Crane to perform high repetitive cycling, handle large loads at long outreaches,all while consuming as much as 50% less energy than its conventional crane counterparts.


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