The E-Crane Will Allow Us To Grow

New E-Crane (Type18264 PD-E) in Service at Duquesne Wharf for Union Railroad Co., situated along the Monongahela River in Duquesne, PA, USA

Type:18264 PD-E
Location:Pittsburg, PA (USA)
Application:Off-loading coal and pigiron from barges
Mount:Fixed pedestal
Lifting Capacity:26.5 UStons / 24 Mtons
Reach: 86.6 ft / 26.4 m
Attachment:25 yd3 / 19.1 m3 (grab for coal)
Power Source:600-hp / 450 kW electric motor
Productivity:Exceeding 1500 tons/hr

Union Railroad had a challenge and opportunity. It needed to find a way to competitively handle coal and other bulk material at its Duquesne Wharf. The 36 year old lattice boom crane had frequent mechanical problems, was difficult to operate, and was not well suited for handling other bulk materials.

Larry Murdock, Manager Technical Services, led a committee of employees to find the right replacement. The committee recommended the E-Crane to their executive management.

Installed in February 1999, the E-Crane now towers over the banks of the Monongahela River. “As the largest bulk material crane on the Inland Waterway of the U.S., the E-Crane will allow Duquesne Wharf to grow its tradition of providing reliable, high-quality services to its customers.”


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