Maple Leaf: a one-stop sales and service center for E-Crane customers in Bangladesh

Maple Leaf International is a well-established company with a long tradition in serving the heavy industry in Bangladesh. E-Crane and Maple Leaf have been working together successfully for a very long time and this cooperation has been nothing short of outstanding. 

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Management and staff of Maple Leaf have always recognized the importance of continuous training and intensive exchange of technical information. As a result of these ongoing efforts, today Maple Leaf has reached an excellent level of service and this shows!

The staff at Maple Leaf understands that some problems are unexpected so they are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to handle emergencies. Maple Leaf has experienced, factory-trained E-Crane engineers who get the job done right! Maple Leaf engineers know how to treat E-Crane customers with courtesy and respect, handling each and every job with the care and attention it deserves.

Last September two Maple Leaf engineers were participating in a 2-week advanced training course at the E-Crane headquarters in Adegem, Belgium. Senior E-Crane engineer Mr. Faruque and his colleague Mr. Aminur worked together with E-Crane engineers during the Factory Acceptance Testing. Also a lot of attention was given to the EMM (Electronic Machine Management) and several fine-tuning procedures. At the end of these 2 weeks Mr. Faruque and Mr. Aminur were trained to work with our centralized ‘Service Report’ database. A new E-Crane tool allowing both service engineers and our customers to check service reports on-line.

The E-Crane Worldwide team would like to thank Mr. Faruque and Mr. Aminur for the excellent cooperation as well as for the great information exchange.


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