Commissioning of 1000 Series E-Crane at Harsco scrap yard, Brazil

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A new E-Crane was recently installed and commissioned at the Harsco scrap yard in Piracicaba, Brazil near São Paulo. The new E-Crane is a pedestal mounted 1000 Series / Model 7317 with a maximum outreach of 31,7 meters (104 ft) and a maximum lift capacity of 13,6 Mton (15.0 USton) and will be used to handle scrap at the facility.   

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The Harsco scrap yard is a supplier to the ArcelorMittal steel mill. The scrap handled at the Harsco yard fills the trucks which then go to the steel mill to be processed.  The E-Crane will be utilized at the scrap yard to feed a shredder, shear, and pre-shredder. The shredder is currently installed at the scrap yard and foundation work has begun on the shear and pre-shredder. The E-Crane currently feeds the shredder, which has a target capacity of 20,000 tons per month. Full operation will not begin at the facility until 2014 when the pre-shredder and shear are installed and are completely operational.

The E-Crane installation took place the weeks of September 9 and September 16 and training and commissioning was completed the week of October 7. E-Crane staff and technicians held a training program at Harsco utilizing customized training and safety modules which were all translated to Portuguese.  The training modules were used to train the new E-Crane operators as well as maintenance personnel on site at Harsco.  The new E-Crane will replace at least three small material handlers at the site. Adam Enders, one of the E-Crane service technicians on site for training and commissioning, reports:

“Harsco is very happy with the setup and with the capacity of the crane.  They are really impressed with the amount of material that the crane cane move within a short time, especially compared to their previous equipment.”


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