E-Crane at Denolf Recycling just commissioned in the port of Bruges.

Brugge, Belgium (October 28th, 2005): When operations at a scrap yard reach a certain level of sophistication, acquiring a material handling machine that can handle high volumes and provide significant reach becomes a necessity. E-Crane Worldwide/Indusign is committed to provide scrap material handling solutions that are more efficient, faster and more secure than ever before. In addition to this, E-Crane® solutions are developed for quality and durability. Customers can be sure that our equipment will last and last.

In January 2005 the decision was taken by the Belgium based Galloo Group to replace the three older cable cranes on the dock in the harbor of Bruges at the Denolf Recycling plant. These cranes, who worked hard for several decades, are now replaced by a 1000-series, model 7317, E-Crane®. Looking at the specifications of the new E-Crane®, one can clearly see that Galloo buys equipment with the highest operating efficiency in mind in a wide range of applications to assure flexibility and productivity in the future.

In some cases, a large material handling machine is bought for a specific purpose, such as feeding an auto shredder, a large ferrous bailer, or for loading scrap barges. For these applications, the buyer may consider a stationary, pedestal-mounted E-Crane®. Not so at Denolf Recycling !

With an impressive reach of 32 meters (102 feet) and working on a crane runway with a length of over 200 meters (600 feet), this E-Crane® covers the whole scrap yard. The crane will be used for loading and unloading river barges and ships, for feeding an impressive 1000 tons scrap shear, for stockpiling scrap, for sorting incoming scrap from suppliers, for the loading of rail cars with processed scrap as well as handling bundles of long steel products in the scrap yard. In this E-Crane® application one can honestly say that one machine does it all…

Erection started early October. Due to the limited stability of the quay, the rather small assembly area and the fact that the whole scrap yard had to stay in operation, detailed planning was required. Both on the buyers and suppliers side flexibility and creativity were very much needed to complete the erection within the given time window and with safety in mind !

Final testing and tuning took place on Friday the 28th of October. In presence of Mr. Rik Debaere (General Manager of the Galloo Group), Mr. Nicolas Malfait (project engineer Galloo Group) and Mr. Luc Dauwens (Denolf Recycling) final tests and adjustments were carried out to optimize the E-Crane® performance. Just like during the complicated erection, the E–Crane® technicians worked closely together with crane operator Jacques and the local scrap yard management.

Fully in accordance with Flemish tradition, all Denolf Recycling employees had a party on Saturday, the 5th of November, to celebrate the successful completion of several major investments and projects…

On behalf of the whole Indusign/E-Crane team we wish Denolf Recycling the very best for the future!


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