Carinox site will have the capacity to produce one million tons of stainless steel

Multiserv will start a new 10 year contract this month working at a brand new Arcelor stainless steel mill in Belgium. Currently under construction, the Carinox site will have the capacity to produce one million tons of stainless steel.

Multiserv will provide scrap yard management, slag pot carrying, and slab logistics services. Multiserv will also be responsible for operating and maintaining the customer’s four slab grinding machines.

At the heart of the scrap management operation are two 1000 Series 7382 E-Cranes. The two cranes will work simultaneously offloading and sorting scrap and other necessary materials. Both cranes are mounted on High Portal Gantry allowing 18 meter working ground clearance.

The E-Crane® closest to the channel uses a 15 meter wide rail, while the second E-Crane® uses a 10 meter wide rail. The E-Cranes are capable of traveling up to 60 meters per minute along the rail.

On August 30th, 2005, E-Crane® Service Engineers successfully tested and tuned both E-Cranes. A safety inspection was performed on the E-Cranes to determine if the machine is ready to operate. Each E-Crane® was separately calibrated using a certified 12.5 MTon test-weight. Using a hook, the E-Crane® held the test-weight in the air while Service Engineers performed calibration. After the safety inspection and calibration, the Service Engineers gave a demonstration of all basic movements, including the travel along the rail. The two E-Cranes will begin scrap management service later this month.


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