AEP representatives inspect new 1500B Series E-Crane

E-Crane Worldwide recognizes that the Factory Acceptance and Testing (FAT) is another important phase in our quality assurance program. We strongly believe that intensive factory acceptance tests:

  • reduce the time for the erection of the crane at its final destination
  • reduce the costs for assembly, installation and tuning
  • improve the overall quality of our products

After the factory tests and tuning are completed our cranes are disassembled into major components/packages for shipment to its final destination.

The picture above: Inspection of the E-Crane for the AEP-Kanawha project. From left to right: Mr. Lieven Bauwens (Managing Director E-Crane Worldwide), Mrs. Erin R. Eberts (Materials Handling, AEP), Mr. Jim L. Corey (Electrical Systems & Equipment, AEP), Mr. Mark Osborne (President, E-Crane International USA).


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