EMM: versatile, user-friendly and extremely reliable crane control system

E-Crane provides state-of-the-art technology working with you and for you! The new B-Series E-Cranes combine over twenty-five years of experience in heavy duty bulk material handling with the performance of the mobile CAN-bus technology.

With the introduction of this Electronic Machine Management-system (EMM) E-Crane has created a versatile, user-friendly and extremely reliable crane control system. With the optional communications module our engineers can trouble shoot and solve problems from behind their computer.

Science fiction… ? No, check out the case study below.

Antwerp, 11th of April 2007

06.00 hrs.: E-Crane operator Stan begins unloading a coaster with rapesead for the Cargill facility in the port of Antwerp. Expected weather conditions during the day: sunny, 20 degrees…

At 09.00 hrs. a warning occurs on the screen inside the cab informing Stan that the oil temperature inside the tank is too low… -15 degrees Centigrade ! Coolers have been shut down and tankheaters are activated. Operator Stan stops the crane and checks the oiltemperature inside the power module where he finds that oil is not cold, on the contrary, the oil is quite warm/hot as he cannot hold his hand on the tank…

Stan decides to call the E-Crane Service Center in Adegem, Belgium. Chief Engineer Geert Watteeuw answers his call. After a brief explanation of what happened Geert decides to establish a direct communication with the EMM on the crane using a wireless GPRS link. From behind his computer in Adegem Geert quickly sees that the signal comming from the temperature sensor inside the tank is not within the normal operating range.

9.30 hrs.: Geert informs Stan about the actions taken after which the offloading of the coaster is resumed.

18.30 hrs.: Ship is empty and leaves the dock.

The next morning the E-Crane service engineers replaced the sensor and with the help from the E-Crane service desk in Adegem the electronic bypasses are removed and correct operation was checked one more time.


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