Erection of Second E-Crane in Argentina Completed

With the succesful and safe completion of Phase 2 of the installation of 2 new dedicated E-Cranes®, MultiServ, the service provider for the scrap handling at Acindar, is now ready to keep scrap moving because electric arc furnace (EAF) steel mills like Acindar rely on a steady stream of baskets filled with scrap metal to be ready as feedstock every hour of every day that the mill is up and running.

The construction, shipping and installation of several big cranes involves many types of professionals such as engineers, designers, welders, electricians, mechanics and so forth. The crane’s erection represents only the last component of a very complicated and complex process.

A succesful and trouble free erection requires a mutual understanding and close cooperation among all those who were involved during the engineering and production process, otherwise serious obstacles are encountered during the erection and consequently the final testing and tuning and commissioning of the project.

E-Crane’s on site erection crew would like to use this opportunity to express gratitude to all those who contributed in the success of this smooth, quick and safe installation of two E-Cranes® for MultiServ at the Acindar steelmill in Argentina.

The picture above: After the on site final testing and tuning of both E-Cranes® by our engineers, Jean-Marie, Thomas and Klaas these new MultiServ cranes are now ready to start handling scrap for the Acindar steelmill.


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