Year: 2013

Picture of the Month – November 2013

[frame link=”” linking=”lightbox” lightbox_group=”picture” align=”center” type=”simple”][/frame] November: Two brand new E-cranes working near Port Ludlow WA…..flawlessly!

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Found on the web: Van Oord: “Titan” & “Astrachan” Commissioned (The Netherlands)

Yesterday, Van Oord held a ceremony commissioning crane vessel Titan and accommodation pontoon Astrachan. The honours were done by Mrs E. (Lily) de Wit – wife of Area Director F. (Freek) de Wit – and Mrs M. (Michele) Kamsteeg, wife of Area Manager M.C. (Ries) Kamsteeg. The order to build Titan and Astrachan was awarded to Holland Shipyards in Hardinxveld Giessendam, the Netherlands in October 2012. Given the tight construction deadline, virtually all of the work was done in the Netherlands. Titan consists of a new pontoon 60 metres long and 26 metres wide, and is equipped with spud poles...

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A Recipe for Success in the US Scrap Market

E-Crane Worldwide, the Belgian manufacturer of equilibrium cranes, has proven throughout the world that it offers turnkey scrap handling solutions for steel mills and scrap yards. This expertise and knowledge has recently been expanded to include the United States scrap market.  Within the past year, two additional cranes for the scrap industry in the United States were installed.  E-Crane International USA now supports more than 60 E-Cranes operating in the Americas.   [frame link=”” linking=”lightbox”...

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Picture of the Month – October 2013

[frame link=”” linking=”lightbox” lightbox_group=”picture” align=”center” type=”simple”][/frame] October [one_third] [frame link=”” linking=”lightbox” lightbox_group=”picture” align=”left” type=”simple”][/frame] January [/one_third] [one_third] [frame link=””...

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New E-Crane at Terminal 6 S.A.

[frame link=”” linking=”lightbox” lightbox_group=”t6″ align=”center” type=”simple”][/frame] Last week, a brand new 1500 Series / Model 11264 pedestal mounted E-Crane was installed at Terminal 6 S.A. in Argentina on the Paraná River near Rosario. The new E-Crane has an outreach of 26,4 m (86.5 ft) and a lift capacity of 19 Mtons (20.9 UStons). The crane is being used to unload soy beans as well as various other grains from Mississippi and Paraná sized barges into a hopper/conveyor...

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Installation for GenOn Complete

[one_half] [frame link=”” linking=”lightbox” lightbox_group=”GenOn” align=”left” type=”simple”][/frame] [/one_half] The new E-Crane is used to unload gypsum from rail cars into a nearby hopper.  The material deposited into the hopper is then transported back to the plant by conveyor. Final commissioning of the E-Crane will occur once the other material handling equipment is ready for operation. Operator and maintenance training will also take place at this time. [message...

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Working at E-Crane according to Steve Suter, E-Crane Service Manager

San Lorenzo, October 19th:  Steve Suter, E-Crane’s International Service Manager currently installing the all-new T6 E-Crane reports:  “The worldwide contacts with our clientele, the international coop between installation teams that comes with it, is something that I never want to give up! It’s an amazing thing when 1-2 people from Belgium & 1-2 people from the US can meet in another country and we can all work together barely speaking!, get a lot of work done safely, and we all look out for each other! And have fun doing it, I Love It! All which impresses the customers!”

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First E-Crane ever completely installed by an E-Crane dealer

[frame link=”” linking=”lightbox” align=”left” type=”simple”][/frame] Dealer installed E-Crane at the Seven Circle Bangladesh Ltd. cement grinding mill Ever since E-Crane began shipping cranes around the world, these cranes were followed shortly after by an E-Crane installation team. Installing large-size equipment requires special skills to assemble the heavy weight components safely and correctly. A successful installation is the result of know-how and hard work combined...

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Maple Leaf: a one-stop sales and service center for E-Crane customers in Bangladesh

Maple Leaf International is a well-established company with a long tradition in serving the heavy industry in Bangladesh. E-Crane and Maple Leaf have been working together successfully for a very long time and this cooperation has been nothing short of outstanding.  [frame link=”” linking=”lightbox” align=”right” type=”simple”][/frame] Management and staff of Maple Leaf have always recognized the importance of continuous training and intensive exchange...

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Commissioning of 1000 Series E-Crane at Harsco scrap yard, Brazil

[frame link=”” linking=”lightbox” lightbox_group=”harsco-brasil” align=”left” type=”simple”][/frame] A new E-Crane was recently installed and commissioned at the Harsco scrap yard in Piracicaba, Brazil near São Paulo. The new E-Crane is a pedestal mounted 1000 Series / Model 7317 with a maximum outreach of 31,7 meters (104 ft) and a maximum lift capacity of 13,6 Mton (15.0 USton) and will be used to handle scrap at the facility.    [frame link=””...

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New Tower Production Line for E-Towers Famaba

[frame link=”” linking=”lightbox” align=”left” type=”simple”][/frame] GLOGOW, Poland (October 2nd, 2013) – A whole new tower production line has been inaugurated during the “E-Towers Open House Days 2013”. This new tower production line is an important milestone for the Polish production facility. According to Lieven Bauwens, member of the supervisory board of E-Towers Famaba “All employees have worked extremely hard the last year to get everything installed and operational on time....

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