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Georgia Pacific

Description of the E-Crane In 2019, Georgia Pacific installed and commissioned a new 1000C Series / Model EH7317 E-Crane at their Wauna paper mill in Clatskanie, Oregon. Georgia Pacific is a world leader in the production of tissue, pulp, packaging and building products. The new E-Crane is used for unloading jumbo barges of wood chips into a hopper on the pier. The E-Crane is stationary on the dock, but its long outreach allows it to reach across the entire 78’ width of the woodchip barges at both high and low water elevations. The E-Crane replaced an old-style ship unloading crane, which...

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Murray Energy

Description of the E-Crane Murray Energy, the largest underground coal mining company in the United States, has recently installed a new E-Crane for  handling fly ash at their facility near Moundsville, WV. Murray Energy produces about 65 million tons of coal annually,  providing reliable electric power to many customers. The new E-Crane is barge mounted, and unloads barges of fly ash, a coal  combustion byproduct. The fly ash is loaded into a specialized hopper, also mounted on the barge alongside the E-Crane. The  material is then conveyed to a truck loading station. Murray...

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Global Materials Services

Description of the E-Crane In 2002 and 2003, two E-Cranes were installed at Global Materials Services in Venezuela. Both material handling E-Cranes are installed on a floating platform on mile 182 of the Orinoco River in Puerto Ordaz. The E-Cranes unload barges of bauxite into two hoppers also mounted on the floating platform. Global Materials Services is contracted by the bauxilum company, which mines bauxite in central Venezuela. The bauxite is loaded into barges and shipped 350 miles downstream to Puerto Ordaz where the E-Cranes offload the material. This raw material is processed...

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Mulzer Crushed Stone

Description of the E-Crane After three years of successful operation of their 1500 Series barge mounted E-Crane®, Mulzer Crushed Stone ordered their second barge mounted E-Crane® in 2014 for their Shamblin Stone operation in Dunbar, WV. This machine is used for unloading barges of aggregate. The E-Crane® unloads the material directly into a hopper, located on an adjacent barge to the E-Crane® barge. Because the E-Crane® is barge mounted, Mulzer has the flexibility to transport the entire barge unloading system to wherever they need to perform barge unloading operations. The machine has...

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Description of the E-Crane Amaggi, a leading company in the Brazilian agricultural industry, installed a 3000 Series E-Crane®  to perform midstream transfer operations on the Amazon River in Brazil.  The E-Crane®  is mounted on a barge (61m x 22m x 4m) and transfers material directly from barges into Panamax sized ships. This is the largest river midstream transfer operation currently performed by an E-Crane®.  Equipped with a 30 cubic meter hydraulic clamshell grab, the E-Crane®  can transfer up to 22.5 metric tons of soybean in a single cycle.  With this...

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