Murray Energy

Description of the E-Crane

Murray Energy, the largest underground coal mining company in the United States, has recently installed a new E-Crane for  handling fly ash at their facility near Moundsville, WV. Murray Energy produces about 65 million tons of coal annually,  providing reliable electric power to many customers. The new E-Crane is barge mounted, and unloads barges of fly ash, a coal  combustion byproduct. The fly ash is loaded into a specialized hopper, also mounted on the barge alongside the E-Crane. The  material is then conveyed to a truck loading station.

Murray Energy chose the E-Crane solution for its versatility and ability to handle this difficult material. The material properties  vary greatly, but the adjustable push down force of the E-Crane along with custom scrapers built into the grab handle the job no  matter if the material is hard and crusty or wet and sticky. Additionally, the balanced design of the E-Crane makes it ideal for  barge mounting. Since the E-Crane is always in a balanced state, there is very minimal listing and movement of the barge  during E-Crane operations.

Murray Energy is happy with the successful E-Crane installation. According to Mr. Tom Crawshaw, Project Manager, “The site  equipment startup was quite good. It would be great if all of our equipment was working as well as the E-Crane!”

“I have been around cranes and excavators for over thirty years and watched many different companies install and put machines into service. I can say that I have never seen a more dedicated, professional, and caring group of technicians. The E-Crane is a new concept to me and I had a lot of questions. Every E-Crane guy I asked stopped what he was doing and carefully explained and answered my questions. Right out of the box, the E-Crane and I are getting along great! The machine is massive, but controllable, smooth and fast. I’m planning to stick with this rig until retirement!”

Mr. Bryan BrownOperatorMurray Energy