Mulzer Crushed Stone

Evansville, Indiana, USA

Description of the E-Crane

Mulzer Crushed Stone installed a 1500B Series E-Crane® for handling aggregate and stone at their facility in Evansville, Indiana. Previously, Mulzer had been using a barge mounted material handler for this application. They were ready to move on to a new solution in order to improve operation. E-Crane® had better parts availability and good service ‒ something they were looking for in a new solution.

E-Crane® engineers worked with Mulzer to come up with an ideal solution. Mulzer believed in the concept of having a long outreach floating crane and saw that a genuine E-Crane® was perfect for their operation. E-Crane’s innate balanced design minimizes tipping, making it ideal for mounting on any type of barge.

E-Crane® service technicians went to Mulzer to install and commission the barge-mounted E-Crane®. Mulzer is very happy with E-Crane’s performance.

I work with a LOT of contractors that talk a good talk but cannot perform in the field. Don and I have been very impressed with Steve Suter and his guys. They are very organized, communicate well, have a sense of urgency and know their job. It’s nice to work with a company whose service has been excellent from beginning to end.

Kevin FulkersonEquipment SuperintendentMulzer Crushed Stone

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