Once upon a time people looked for material handling solutions…

Once upon a time people looked for material handling solutions:
(or The evolution of material handling)


Once upon a time in the dark ages people thought this was “state of the art” , but it is time to say goodbye ! Image5kl

Then in medieval times people used this type of machine. But is was made for lifting. It is now worn out..tired.. can’t get parts. takes an artist to operate.. who is also worn out and tired of it . slow… time to let it go.

Still trying to make a material handler out of lift crane? Give it up! Made for lifting. 50 years ago. Expensive Slow Good for heavy lifts! Not so good for Material Handling Image7kl

The search continued.. With a modified backhoe ? They are made for digging !

But then one day in the late 90’s people found the solution:
People started to put their material handlingneeds in balance with.

  • The E-craneT, a revolutionary material handler can
  • Increase efficiency and
  • Reduce material handling costs significantly
  • Ideally suited for loading and offloading Bulk commodities, such as 
    • Aggregate
    • Calcium carbonate
    • Coal
    • Ores
    • Grain and other
    • Bulk commodities
  • to supplement dedicated unloading systems or to replace slower cable cranes.
And people lived happily ever thereafter !


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