Two New Crane Models for the 700 Series

Two New Models

E-Crane has just added two new crane models to the 700 Series. The new 4290 and 4317 models share the same reliable and proven component platforms as the 4247 and 4264 models, but are able to obtain a longer outreach. The excellent performance of 700 Series E-Cranes has been proven time and time again in the scrap handling industry and small river port applications.

Competitively Priced

E-Cranes are built for 24/7 duty cycle operation, providing results that material handlers just can’t match. Along with these 700 Series E-Crane advantages, these new models are very competitively priced, with short delivery time and easy shipping. They are fast and easy to set-up, simple to maintain, and easy to operate with straight forward hydraulic controls.

Interested in an E-Crane solution for your scrap yard?

A demo 700 Series model is currently erected on site at ECI-USA for test driving. For more information contact Steve Osborne.


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