E-Crane International USA Opens “Solutions Center” Satellite Office

In January of 2012, three members of E-Crane USA (ECI-USA) moved into a new office in downtown Columbus, OH.

The downtown office building is in close proximity to the Columbus airport and is located just blocks from American Electric Power, a client E-Crane has worked with many times.

Steve Osbone, Kelly Carl, and Alex Slandzicki all work from this office, which serves as a “Solutions Center” providing project support for sales, marketing, project engineering and project management. Using a new 3D modeling software, the team has been able to complete engineering design work for projects and generate engineering drawings for fabrication.

The end goal of the office is to become the center for project management and sales, generating project proposals and handling long term projects in close cooperation with the ECI-USA headquarters in Galion, Ohio.

5 E. Long Street
Suite 1201
Columbus, OH 43215


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