Teaching and Training in Texas

Texas Service Center: Expanding Service and Training Capabilities

“The E-Crane Texas Service Center has expanded to a staff of 8 Service Technicians!” Left to Right: Nick Flores, Joe Biglin, Neil Fortney, Jeremy Scribner, Chris Paragas, Jason Reilly, Hayden Decker, Steve Osborne, and Mitch Phillips

Teaching and Training in Texas!


Late last month, the E-Crane Texas Service Center (TSC) had the opportunity to spend some time training new E-Crane operators in what we would consider to be our most hands-on and interactive training class yet.  Operator training for personnel from Host Terminals was held in our new classroom at TSC.  Host Terminals operates several terminals in the USA, and have lots of experience with terminal operations.  E-Crane has now successfully trained over 60 operators from Host Terminals.

The training session was led by Project Engineer, Mitch Phillips, who was assisted by Service Technicians Hayden Decker and Jason Reilly.  The E-Crane training information was thoroughly covered, in a hands-on classroom style.  E-Crane personnel spent time covering topics more in depth when questions came up or the operators needed extra clarity.

After lunch and the classroom training, the class left the facility impressed with the presentations and the hospitality of our staff.  The operators were complementary of our staff and facility, and learned a lot during the session.  They were then escorted to the E-Cranes for some hands-on demonstrations and practice.   The day was very successful, and both companies were satisfied with the training results.


At E-Crane, our philosophy is that the more we are able to teach and train, the more successful both companies will be.  We are excited to continue to work with Host Terminals as well as continue to improve and expand our training services.

About Host Terminals

Host Terminals, Inc. operates seven terminals, including the largest U.S. East Coast biomass export facility. They handle approximately five million tons of dry bulk commodities annually such as wood pellets, aggregates, minerals, and grains, In addition to terminal operations, they are experienced as consultants in the design and development of export terminals. Host Terminals, Inc. is rapidly expanding into new locations throughout the U.S. East and Gulf Coasts.

Source: Host Terminals


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