E-Crane celebrates 25th birthday with the launch of E-Handler

25 years E-Crane

To celebrate its 25th birthday, E-Crane organized a 5-day business event under the name ‘Demo Days’. Clients, dealers and agents from across the globe visited the company to raise a glass with management and personnel in celebration of 25 years of passion for equilibrium cranes.

‘We welcomed over 1000 visitors from 21 different countries’, explains Managing Director Lieven Bauwens enthusiastically. ‘People from the neighbourhood were also welcome to come and have a look.’ All eyes were on the E-Handler during the Demo Days: a new crane in the E-Crane arsenal used for processing scrap metal or bulk material handling. ‘Visitors could become acquainted with the E-Handler EH7290 CR-D on our premises. This solid material-handler comes in 3 basic configurations. They all have a capacity of ten metric tons, and respective outreaches of 26, 29 and 32 metres’ says Lieven Bauwens.


Fast delivery and attractive price

All E-Handlers are available in a fixed pedestal version, on rail or on crawlers. The high portal is a standard feature of the crawler version. ‘The new machines can be delivered within three months and are very attractively priced’, according to E-Crane. One thing is certain: the E-Handler EH7290 CR-D has ensured E-Crane’s position as a serious player in the market of material handling. ‘Our new crane is an absolute ‘must’ for scrap businesses which are keen to improve their efficiency. In the fairly short term, we want to provide 20 E-Handlers on a yearly basis’, says a motivated Lieven Bauwens.

L1290719Energy efficient

The E-Handler EH7290 CR-D is powered by an engine which uses only 132kW (175 hp). The model that was on display during the Demo Days was on crawlers, and its power came from a Cummins 200 kVA generator set. Many people were fascinated by the fact that during operation it was almost inaudible… pretty impressive, and proving immediately that balance using a mobile counterweight does the job. ‘At E-Crane, we persistently choose a sophisticated, energy-efficient concept’, says Lieven Bauwens. ‘We don’t use extra accumulators or extra cylinders for energy recuperation.’

All components are 100 % in stock

We noted that only one cylinder was used for the movement of the main boom. This is also the case for the movement of the upper arm, and furthermore, these cylinders are identical, a good example of service-friendly engineering. Our visit to the work-shop, and parts warehouse, proved to us that all of E-Crane’s components are 100% in stock.


Crane Operator Day

The Demo Days gave visitors a good impression of the daily activities at E-Crane. Clients, dealers and agents could visit the engineering department, the renewed warehouse and the E-Crane training center. Besides this, there were tours of the premises and the E-Handler. In order to let crane operators become more familiar with the E-Handler, the company organized an individual Crane Operator Day. ‘We were visited by more than 50 crane machinists’, says Managing Director Lieven Bauwens. ‘They could try out our new product to their hearts’ content.’ On Friday evening there was a gala dinner for clients, and the week of festivities came to an end on Saturday evening with a big party for the personnel.

dn_020 (Medium)

Inspiring company film

The employees at E-Crane had a fabulous surprise in store for their Executive Directors, Lieven Bauwens and Geert Watteeuw. They arranged a drone to take video footage around the company, which was then made into a polished film. ‘Our company was portrayed in a unique way, and we are very grateful to our people for organizing this. This is a fabulous present. Our team is clearly ready for the next 25 years!’ concludes a satisfied Lieven Bauwens. (M-text)

25 j E Crane (181) - kopie
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