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Review: Global Material Services

1) During the May-Dec 2004 season GMSII: 4030 hours of Runtime…..22.4 hours of downtime GMSIII: 4575 hours of Runtime…..28.1 hours of downtimeStoppage time attributed to cranes is less than 0.6% of the total operating hours! The two cranes run around the clock from May 15 to December 15, approximately 210 days. During that time, two E-Cranes discharged over 5.4 million metric tons of bauxite…or more than 3000 Jumbo River Barges. Anaverage of 15 Jumbo barges discharged per day! Mr. Luis Mok, General Barge Foreman for Global Material Services Venezuela (GMSV) was reviewing the operating...

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New E-Crane™, model 4264GA-E on site in Lier, Belgium

Overview E-Crane™ on site Last week a new E-Crane™ (replacing a very old Equilibrium Crane) on gantry was erected by the Indusign/ECI team and shortly after succesfully commissioned.  Erection of the E-Crane (click to enlarge)  E-Crane unloading 1200 tons ship (click to enlarge)  E-Crane filling the hopper (click to enlarge)

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Transportation of a new 700 Series E-Crane™

A new 700 Series E-Crane for the Belgian market is being loaded onto trucks and will be erected as from this week. (click to enlarge pictures)  Cement Truck filling the E-Crane Counterweight   Cement Truck   Filling the Counterweight with cement   Main Chassis arrives on Site  Several parts arrive on Job Site 3D Simulations

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New 2000 Series E-Crane™, Type 15317PD-E on its way to the USA

As of yesterday trucks loaded with the new 2000 Series E-Crane™ are leaving the Indusign workshops in Adegem, Belgium heading for the Port of Rotterdam where the large parts of this E-Crane will be loaded onto vessel. E-Crane International USA flew one of its Service Engineers (Jeremy Johnson) over to Europe to assist the transportation of the crane and to make preparations for the erection in the USA. The entire Indusign Crew and USA-ECI Service Engineer J.Johnson(Click the image to enlarge) (Co-workers Jean-Marie Verschoore (Indusign nv)and Jeremy Johnson (ECI-USA)

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E-Crane™ barge loaders penetrate South American market

Two E-Crane™ equilibrium cranes are the workhorses of a barge unloading facility for Global Material Services (GMS) located in Venezuela, South America, on the Orinoco River. GMS recently erected its second E-Crane™ which was commissioned last May. The cranes are barge-mounted on a single platform where each crane has its own hopper and take-away conveyor. These conveyors travel over two miles to feed bauxite to Bauxillum which uses it to produce alumina. The equilibrium crane, generally referred to as the E-Crane™, is a revolutionary and multifunctional crane for heavy-duty...

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Installatie van een nieuwe E-Crane™/Installation d’une nouvelle E-Crane™

13 november 2003: Installatie van een nieuwe E-Crane™ 700 serie, model 4264PD-E/ Installation d’une nouvelle grue équilibrée (E-Crane™), série 700, modèle 4264PD-E Momenteel wordt een nieuwe E-Crane™, type 700, model 4264PD-E geinstalleerd op een franse schrootwerf. Meer details volgen binnenkort. Pour le moment ont installe une nouvelle grue équilibrée (E-Crane™), série 700, modèle 4264PD-E sur site (manutention de ferraille) en France. Plus de détails suivent.

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Another succesfull installation of a 1500-series E-Crane™ in Västerås

Another succesfull installation of a 1500-series E-Crane™ in the harbor of Västerås (Sweden)  Just last week the 1500-series E-Crane™ for the port of Mälarhamnar (Köping – Västerås) was succesfully commissioned Our erection team (Jean-Marie, Luk, Guido and Hendrik) wants to thank the port management of Mälarhamnar for the perfect cooperation and support during the erection process. On behalf of the whole E-Crane™ organization we wish them many successful years and the best luck. Cranedrivers Nicolas and Sam started to work with the E-Crane™...

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E-Crane™ makes Progress – Mar/Apr Issue of Coaltrans

An E-Crane™ balance crane, manufactured in Adegem, Belgium by NV Indusign, is the workhorse of a new barge unloading facility that recently went into operation at Progress Energy Carolinas’ Sutton Plant, near Wilmington (NC), USA, on the Cape Fear River. E-Crane™ International-USA, based in Bucyrus, Ohio, handled the sale of the crane and installed it together with North American Equipment, the E-Crane™™ dealer in Nicholasville (KY). The increasing cost of US coal and escalating rail freight rates had led Progress to find a more economical coal source. AD&MC...

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E-Crane™ hijst Pro/ENGINEER naar ongekende hoogte

E-Crane hijst Pro/ENGINEER naar ongekende hoogte Ruim 12 jaar geleden zijn ze begonnen met een technisch tekenbureau, de heer Lieven Bauwens en de heer Geert Watteeuw, beiden Executive Director van Indusign n.v. Nu bouwen ze evenwichtskranen tot zo’n 40 t op 45 m reikwijdte onder de merknaam E-Crane™ met internationale handels-maatschappijen in Nederland (voor Europa en Azië) en de Verenigde Staten. Voor het ontwikkelen van de kranen moest Indusign beschikken over een ontwerppakket dat grote, complexe samenstellingen aankon. In 1997 is daarom gekozen voor Pro/ENGINEER in combinatie...

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E-Crane ™ at work @ barge unloading facility

E-Crane ™ at work @ barge unloading facility   (Picture left) The E-Crane equilibrium crane at the Progress Energy Carolina’s Sutton Plant is discharging coal into the hopper system that feeds the conveyor system @ a rate of three (3) grabs in 75 seconds. (Picture right) Close-up of the E-Crane equilibrium crane at the Progress Energy Carolina’s Sutton Plant.   Some of the major equipment manufacturers in the United States have given Dry Cargo Internationaldetails of their latest projects and recent developments.These companies cover such diverse...

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Transport and shipping a new 2000 Series E-Crane™

Another impressive 2000-series E-Crane leaves our assembly workshop for South-America ! — Carefull planning and perfect cooperation between our shipping department, the workshop and the trucking company are required. Total shipping weight of boom and link is 50 tons (110.000 lbs.).     — Workshop Manager Luc and Service Engineer Hendrik just completed the final checks befor this 2000-series E-Crane left our facility. Another on-time delivery… Congratulations to all for their contribution…                   Click the image(s)...

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Safe disassembly of the 700 Series E-Crane™ erected on our testsite last year

On this week Tuesday the 700 Series (Model 4248PD-E) E-Crane™ on our testsite was disassembled safely by our erection crew. Our engineers Willy and Guido did a real nice job. By 4 o’clock in the afternoon the whole upper was disassembled and trucked indoor !!! This E-Crane™ was erected on our testsite in september last year for the 2002_demodays and went through a series of tests the last four months, in order to further optimize the machine’s performance. From left to right: (1) E-Crane™ during testing,(2-4) disassembly of the whole upper, and transportation Many...

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SOLD: Used E-Crane™

SOLD: Used E-CraneCommissioned May 2002Series: 1500 – Model: 11264Capacity: 16.5 Ton – Reach 86 ft.Barge MountedClamshell: 8.5 yd34,000 Hours of operationDue to an increase in volume – owner has purchased a larger E-Crane!Presently Crane is Barge mountedLower will be adapted to new Customer’s requirements.Mounting options: Column, Column on 4 outriggers, Gantry, High Portal, Rail, Crawler. $ 795,000 USD Interested?Please contact: Mark W. Osborne for detailst. 419-563-0090 – f. 419-563-0074 – mark.osborne@ecrane-usa.com

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Shipping next week from the Port Of Antwerp, Belgium

October 30th, 2000 : Shipping next week from the Port Of Antwerp, Belgium : Peavey, inc. (CONAGRA) A new E-Crane™ (Series 1000), Model 7264 with crawlers (CR-D) will be loaded this (last) weekend of October on board of the vessel mv. “Inviken “ at the Port Of Antwerp and will sail next week, heading for Wilwaukee, USA. e.t.a. Milwaukee : 01.12.2000 More detailed information and pictures will be available soon !

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