Safe disassembly of the 700 Series E-Crane™ erected on our testsite last year

On this week Tuesday the 700 Series (Model 4248PD-E) E-Crane™ on our testsite was disassembled safely by our erection crew. Our engineers Willy and Guido did a real nice job. By 4 o’clock in the afternoon the whole upper was disassembled and trucked indoor !!!

This E-Crane™ was erected on our testsite in september last year for the 2002_demodays and went through a series of tests the last four months, in order to further optimize the machine’s performance.

Many customers, visiting our assembly job, used the opportunity to play around with the machine and every single one of them was impressed by the speed, accuracy and capabilities of this fine piece of equipment. The 700 Series E-Crane™ is specially designed for the scrap handling industry and shows clearly our commitment to provide custom build equipment at off-the-shelf prices…


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