River Metals taps E-Crane – To Feed World’s Largest Shear

The latest equipment acquisition for their River Metals operation in the Louisville Kentucky operation is a 1000 Series, Model 7317B rail mounted E-Crane with 104’ reach and 15 tons lift capacity feeding the world’s largest 3,000 Ton Henschel scrap shear.
This E-Crane replaces several conventional material handlers and offers the following advantages:

  • Flexibility and versatility: the primary duty for the E-Crane is to feed the big Henschel shear. However between shear cycles, the E-Crane unloads trucks, sorts and stockpiles sheared material. In addition to a 4 tine scrap grapple, the E-Crane is also magnet equipped for greater versatility.
  • High Energy efficiency: the unique E-Crane pivoting counterweight and direct mechanical connection to the stick assures the E-Crane remains in a near balanced condition throughout its range of motion… hence the name “Equilibrium Crane”. The E-Crane is electric powered and has a lower energy consumption per ton than any other material handler.
  • Clean, electric power: no oil changes, fuel spills and all the other disadvantages of material handlers with internal combustion engines. This translates also into:
  • Low Maintenance Costs: lower overall maintenance costs and exceptional useful life result in low costs per processed ton.
  • Excellent visibility: the E-Crane offers outstanding visibility due to the height of the crane. RMR’s operators could not see into the feeding box of the shear before the E-Crane. With the E-Crane they can observe the shear while operating in air conditioned comfort – a great advantage and safety feature.

River Metals Recycling, LLC (RMR) is a subsidiary of the David J. Joseph Companies, headquartered in Fort Mitchell, Kentucky.
River Metals Recycling is the largest scrap processor in Kentucky and in the greater Cincinnati area, with processing yards in Henderson, Livermore, Louisville, Newport (Cincinnati), Owensboro, Paducah, and Somerset, Kentucky; Metropolis, Illinois, Greensburg, Indiana and Xenia, Ohio.
RMR’s equipment includes automobile shredders, aluminum shredders, balers, shears, mobile shearing, torch processing, auto crushers, and an extensive truck and railcar fleet. RMR processes over 1,000,000 tons of ferrous scrap and 100,000,000 pounds of nonferrous scrap per year. In December 2004, River Metals Recycling achieved ISO 9001:2000 certification.
River Metals Recycling believes in protecting the environment. With this goal in mind, an E-Crane was selected to feed the 3000 ton Henschel Shear.


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