Installation of the AEP Kanawha River Plant 1500 Series E-Crane

Our on-site E-Crane® senior erection supervisor Steve Suter reports: “This is what we all at the AEP Kanawha River Plant have been striving for, working with a great group of people and working for a common goal to be the best ! It has rained nearly every day. We lost 1 day to high winds 40-50mph and 1 day to torrential down pours. But still found little things to do. We just finished the E-Crane® On Site Testing&Tuning program working closely together with AEP electrical engineer Jim Corey, so we are able to add another notch to our guns!

With Kanawha River being the 5th E-Crane® Installation for AEP & E-Crane International, ECI would like to express our appreciation for the professionalism of Chris Fannin & Charlie Frazier during this installation! It is not an easy task managing various contractors in such a confined area. This installation has been one of the most pleasurable installation sites, due only to the fact that they were willing to help with any questions and asked everyday if there was anything that may create a delay: “Is There Any Thing WE can do to help?!”

That’s what made this work so well, is that we were all in this together as a team!

Even though the scope of the project is somewhat smaller in comparison to previous projects, ECI spends countless hours in scheduling details to ensure that AEP receives a high quality product and that ECI performs the tasks that we have promised. Details of the installation were discussed several days before our arrival on site at Kanawha and even with this short notice Chris & Charlie were working to clear any roadblocks that could have delayed the installation of AEP’s E-Crane®.”I


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