Press Release : E-Crane for Minnesota Port (Cranes Today Dec2000/Jan2001 Issue)

The CARGILL Fertilizer facility at Port Cargill in Savage, Minnesota commissioned a new equilibrium crane in September to reduce operating costs and improve its barge offloading operation. An E-Crane™ was chosen to replace an old pedestal-mounted American 7225P with a rope operated bucket which was proving unreliable.

The E-Crane™ is engineered and manufactured by Indusign in Belgium and its US affiliate, E-Crane International USA (ECI-USA). Their distributor Crane & Machinery Inc., of Bridgeview, Illinois, installed the Cargill unit, the seventh E-Crane™ installation on US inland waterways. It is mounted on a freestanding pedestal and has 24.7m (81ft) of outreach.


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