Jobstory : ZeeHavenbedrijf Dordrecht (ZHD) E-Crane (type 10264 CR-D)

“The E-Crane’s versatility, reliability and yard coverage makes our facility more flexible for material handling operations.” 

Customer: B.V. ZeeHavenbedrijf Dordrecht zhd1
Type: 10264 CR-D
Location: Port Of Dordrecht, The Netherlands
Application: Stevedoring, mainly handling -stainless- steel scrap
Mount: Low Portal Crawler
Lifting Capacity: 16.5 UStons / 15 Mtons
Reach:  86.6 ft / 26,4 m
Attachment: 5.2 yd3 / 4,0 m3 grab
Power Source: 250-hp / 200 kW electric motor

When the need for additional material handling capacity arose, Zeehavenbedrijf Dordrecht (ZHD) selected an E-CraneT. The new crane’s primary duty is in the processing of stainless steel scrap but it will also be used for loading and unloading of both inner waterway and sea going vessels.

The E-Crane™ went into service in September 2000 and now provides significant additional material handling and lifting abilities for ZHD.

According to Mr. J.C. Bornet, “We want our facilities to be the most flexible and universal material handling operation in the area. Our goal is to offer our customers fast, economical, reliable, and the most flexible services possible. With the addition of the E-Crane™, we are able to do this.”

Because of the need to cover the entire yard and have the ability to travel with the load attached, ZHD opted for the E-Crane™ on crawlers. With this mobile carrier, the crane can travel the entire yard and also crawl onto a barge for offloading vessels offshore. In addition, the E-Crane™ can be transported over water to their other material handling facilities in Moerdijk.


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