Lower 1500B Series E-Crane® fully and successfully assembled outside workshop

In merely a day’s time the complete lower was pre-assembled. All crane parts were carefully transported out of our workshops, and safely and precisely pre-assembled in front of the E-Crane Worldwide headquarters in Adegem, Belgium.

The E-Crane® parts are transported out of the workshop to be assembled on the outer grounds.

Since then, our E-Crane® engineers have been finishing, fine tuning and testing the lower and its function in detail so everything will be in excellent working order in time for the customer’s visit later this month.

A precisely and carefully executed duo lift with a 60 and 80 tonnes lifting crane was needed to get the lower E-Crane® in place.
E-Crane® engineer Andy attaching the high voltage cable reel (diam. 4,20m) to the side of the lower.

This E-Crane® was custom designed and built for our client Wiener Hafen, and will be put to work in the Hafen of Freudenau in Vienna, Austria, for bulk and scrap handling purposes: coils, round timber, lumber, pallets, big bag, slings, crates, general cargo, … and gravel, alumina, ore, soda, fertilizer, … The crane will be delivered with 2 hydraulic clamshell grabs and 1 orange peel grab.

Once the lower was fully assembled, the E-Crane® engineers could start working on finetuning and testing of all parts and functions in detail.

Meanwhile, the upper structure is being assembled in the workshop, and more finetuning and testing will follow, in order to get everything 100% in accordance with our client’s wishes and the industry’s highest standards.
The E-Crane® is scheduled to be operative in Vienna in September 2008.
E-Crane Worldwide is looking forward to our client Wiener Hafen’s visit to our workshop and headquarters, and to a smooth and successful installation in Vienna, Austria later this summer.


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