Indusign visits Rothe Erde in Germany…

For years Rothe Erde (Rotek) is one of Indusigns/E-Cranes key suppliers. Working close together, both Indusign/E-Crane and Rothe Erde have been able to provide the E-Crane users with the most reliable swing bearings available in the market today…

Together with our local representative, Mr. Freddy Geets, Indusign was invited for a factory tour in Germany. Due to the great hospitality of Mr. Norbert Steinau (Rothe Erde Germany) and Mr. Bernard Krüsemann, this visit was both interesting and pleasant…

Mr. Geets will retire by the end of this year. We at Indusign/E-Crane thank him for his support and genuine interest in our business and we wish him the very best for the future…

Rothe Erde - Dortmund 004

Dortmund factory: we recognise, standing next to the raw material for rolled rings, from left to right: Mr. Geert Watteeuw (Director Indusign), Mr. Alex Van Vooren (Purchasing Manager Indusign) and Mr. Freddy Geets (Sales Representative Rothe Erde Belgium).

Rothe Erde - Lippstadt 005

Careful inspection of one of Indusigns large diameter 3-row roller bearings in the ‘Lippstadt’ factory. From left to right: Mr. Freddy Geets (Rothe Erde), Mr. Lieven Bauwens (Indusign/E-Crane), Mr. Geert Watteeuw (Indusign/E-Crane), Mr. Bernard Krüsemann (Rothe Erd), Workshop Manager Rothe Erde, Mrs. Eva Langner (Rothe Erde).

Rothe Erde - Dortmund 009

The key players during the debriefing… From left to right: Mr. Norbert Steinau (Sales Director Europe – Rothe Erde), Mr. Alex Van Vooren (Purchasing Manager Indusign), Mrs. Maenhout Nicole (Indusign), Mr. Geert Watteeuw (Director Indusign), Mrs. Eva Langner (Order processing, Rothe Erde), Mr. Bernard Krüsemann (Technical Support Manager Rothe Erde), Mr. Freddy Geets (Sales Representative Rothe Erde Belgium) and Mr. Lieven Bauwens (Managing Director Indusign).


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