Fully revised E-Crane put back into service…

Galloo, one of Belgiums leading scrap processors, had their first equilibrium crane fully overhauled…

Gallloo, one of Belgiums leading scrap processors, based at Menen nearby the Frech border, is using E-Crane technology for many, many years. Recently the decision was taken to overhaul their first equilibrium crane. The crane had been working for over 35.000 hours, feeding a schredder at the Halluin (France) scrap yard.

A complete overhaul was done in close cooperation between the technical staff at Galloo (Mr. Nicolas Malfait, Mr. Eddy De Witte and Mr. Danny Desmadril) and the Indusign engineering department. The overhaul included amongst other:

  • update of the steel structure of the chassis, boom, link and upper revolving frame
  • the conversion of the power module form a diesel-hydraulic to an electric-hydraulic power unit
  • new up-to-date crane controls and safety devices (overload system)

This almost brand new E-Crane was installed and commissioned in June/July 2004 and is now ready for the 21st century and for another 40.000 working hours…

 The picture above: ‘New’ 1000-series E-Crane working at the Galloo Halluin scrap processing terminal…


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