Group Galloo invests in new shear and press!

November 27th 2002 : Group Galloo invests in new shear and press

One of Belgium’s leading recycling companies, Group Galloo, has recently installed a new Lindemann LU 1250 scrap shear and Lindemann RAS III-66 scrap baling press from Metso Miner as part of a facility upgrade.
The Group Galloo has 3 E-Cranes running …

– 1000 (6/7)247 CR-D

— 10001000 (6/7)317 CR-D ‘This E-Crane™ … an important economic advantage’ (1999-2000)
(6/7)264 CR-D (2001)
Group Galloo is one of Belgium’s leading scrap recycling companies with 20 facilities, including a number in northern France. The company’s main depot and headquarters is located on the banks of the River Leie close to the Belgian town of Menen, and literally straddles the Franco-Belgian border with 8 hectares in France and the remainder of the 11 hectare site in Belgium. Group Galloo’s facilities produce a total of approximately 1 million tonnes of processed scrap per year.

As well as a river dock at Menen which is suitable for barges, the company also has a deep water quay at Gent from where it exports 30.000 tonnes of scrap a month to countries as far afield as Turkey and the U.S. However, the majority of the company’s processed scrap is sold to electric furnaces of which there are six within a 300 km radius of Menen.
As part of an on-going facility upgrade, Group Galloo installed a Lindemann LU 1250 scrap shear in the year 2000 and a new Lindemann RAS III-66 scrap baling press in the middle of this year.

The Lindemann LU 1250 scrap shear from Metso Lindemann of Düsseldorf, Germany, produces 150-200 tonnes per day of homogenous heavy scrap consisting primarily of steel beams, building site waste and even old railway rolling stock. Its shearing force of 1250 tonnes and 9 metre long feeding box allow for highly economical processing of a wide variety of scrap.

Non-ferrous baling press

The recently-purchased Lindemann RAS III-66 scrap baling press is used for processing non-ferrous materials such as zinc, aluminium cans and steel wire. On average, it can process a 600 by 600 mm bale every 50 seconds, with the weight of the bale depending on the material. According to Group Galloo’s General Manager Rik Debaere, the processed bales can vary in weight from 200 kg up to a maximum of 1 tonne. “The new baler can also process steel wire extremely quickly and this is an important part of our business, “he commented.

“Our old baler couldn’t cope with steel wire, so consequently the new machine has greatly improved our production level.” The Lindemann RAS III-66 scrap baler is a triple-acting press featuring three compression units which produce bales of high density. Mechanical stops on the compression units prevent jamming of the pressure plate and burrs on bales, while long parallel guides help ensure low friction and smooth running strokes. The RAS series represents the first generation of balers to operate with a peak hydraulic pressure of 350 bar. This means that smaller cylinders can be used with the same pressure forces, thereby equating to less oil use. Since fewer than 10% of all cylinders movements take place in the high-pressure range, 90% of working movements can be made at the same drive power but at much higher speeds.
Also at Group Galloo’s Menen site is a Metso Lindemann ZZ 175×260 2000hp Zerdirator and a Lindemann ZK 210×260 Kondirator, both of which were installed in the early 1990s.

Source : Recycling International * October 2002


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