Gravity Is The New Energy (GITNE) – Introduction

Gravity Is The New Energy also known as GITNE.

The constant search for new energy sources has come to an end! Forget about nuclear, solar and wind energy as E-Crane has GRAVITY. During the past 30 years our engineers have perfected the art of using gravity as a means of moving our bulk handling cranes. As a result, the ever-continuing search for greener energy sources has now come to an end as we can safely say that GRAVITY IS THE NEW ENERGY!

P/S: (don’t be surprised if you see our name popping up during the next round of Nobel prices…)

Allow us to share our knowledge by providing you with bulk material handling solutions where gravity works FOR rather than AGAINST you.

 Say NO to inefficient rope cranes and material handlers, say no to diesel engines, say no to the inefficient use of energy sources

Say YES to E-Crane and lower your carbon footprint, have zero emissions and move more bulk materials at the lowest cost per ton!


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