Found in the new Blue Fuchs brochure: E-Crane the Original Balanced Crane


E-Crane the Original balanced crane, built to optimise your logistics

Lower energy consumption means lower costs.

E-Crane’s balanced design drastically reduces horsepower requirements and saves energy. With traditional hoisting machinery, the payload, working tool and steel construction have to be raised. But the E-Crane’s  balance compensates for all but the payload resulting in important energy savings.

E-Crane have been doing things quite differently for the last 25 years. Utilising the principle of equilibrium, where the stick is connected to the rotating counterweight by means of a connecting rod, the load can be moved from point A to B at a fraction of the energy usually required… making E-Crane the green alternative.

Their philosophy is simple; it’s better to start with an energy efficient design rather than adapting to a fundamentally inefficient one, keeping your energy costs low, whilst moving more material faster than conventional cranes. Furthermore the reach of the machines means that more areas of the site can be reached and utilised for stockpiling.

Key benefits:

  • Operator friendly with easy controls and an ergonomic cab
  • First class spare parts availability and lower maintenance costs meaning minimal downtime
  • The equilibrium system results in a very stable machine with high lifting capacity up to the maximum reach
  • All machines can be rated as a crane or as a material handler, the E-Handler , offering higher lifting capacity

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Source: Blue Fuchs brochure 2016

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